Live Blogging CNN Republican Western Debate – Las Vegas, Nevada

I will be live blogging tonight’s CNN-Republican Western debate,
right here beginning at 9 pm CDT.
Stay tuned.

I got the time wrong and have missed about 45 minutes, so I’ll just watch like a ‘normal’ person:-) for the last few minutes.


CNN-Republican Western Debate

Sorry friends, I’m late starting

8:45 pm CDT:
SANTORUM: Confirming his Conservative creds.

ROMNEY: People are looking for someone who can beat Obama and ge the country on track.

  • Robin S

    Why do the delegates keep blaming Obama for the last 3 years when CONGRESS/HOUSE couldn’t get along and acted like cry babies…….If you are Republican then I am not going to vote yes for something a Democrat wants and vice versa…, let’s not forget the rocks throwing into office door windows……

    Obama couldn’t get anything done because CONGRESS/HOUSE were playing childish games for the past 3 years…….HOW COME NO ONE MENTIONS THAT…. instead of “It’s all Obama’s fault for getting NOTHING done……….HELLOOOOOOO?

    • Robin, of course a President has no legislative ability. It’s through his leadership, and the agenda a President sets out countries economic course.
      The current president had a super majority for the first two years of his administration, and instead of focusing on jobs,The President and his Democrat majority blamed the last president for our troubles, and focused on health care, led by Harry and Pelosi. Sure there would have been company failures and bank failures, but that’s what happens in a recession. If left alone, a capitalist society recovers on it’s own, and we’d be in better shape now, if the President and the Democrats would have just let the ship of state right it’s self. But they injected themselves into the problem, and instead of focusing on job creation, they focused on health care, and tried to patch the problem of the economy with Trillions of worthless dollars, which just intensified the financial problem.
      The Republicans were shut out of all decisions for the first two years, and were at the same time, blamed for the lack of jobs, when in actuality they, the Republicans, had no power to move the country to recovery. Stimulus was supposed to create jobs but was used to bail out banks, and help Unions, contributors to the Democrats. It became a slush fund for the Democratic party.
      Job creators pulled back because of the uncertainty of the governments course and the uncertainty of the cost of Obama Care as well as taxes, and the uncertainty of regulations that were being placed on companies and corporations. All this time the President played the blame game instead of encouraging and focusing on jobs. So yeah, the President and the Democrats are really to blame for the lack of jobs and the economy. Even though the Republicans control the house, they don’t control the senate. Without a super majority the Republicans can only try to push jobs and cut spending.
      This recent jobs bill was never intended, by Obama, to be passed. It was just used as a political club, against the Republicans. The President needed the majority of the Democrats in the senate to pass the jobs bill but there were, I think, 11 Democrats who voted the bill down, but they still blame the Republicans for blocking a jobs bill.
      If the President and the Democrats for the first two years were so intent on creating jobs for the American people, and in turn improve things for the job creators, they would have not, pursued a Health care Bill first. All they did was focus on keeping their supporters and contributors happy and succeeded in passing an economy busting Health care bill, which intensified poor climate, for creating jobs. They blamed Wall Street. Even though Wall Street has never had legislative power. Wall Street Contributes heavily, to the Democrat Party. They are their major contributors as well as the Unions.

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  • Robin , just who threw the rocks through the windows and doors? I want proof of who did it , not speculation and BS. I am surprised you didn’t bring up the “spitting” deal which NEVER OCCURRED as evidenced by video. I’m waiting for your “proof”.

  • Watched the debate last night Maggie and did a bit of a play by play for future use.
    Perry got Romney flustered and Romney lost his cool for the first time in the debates. Santorum got to him as well and Romney lost it again. Perry weathered Romneys’ attacks much better than in any of the previous debates. He seemed to be up on the game last night. Did it help him? That remains to be seen but IMO it did not hurt him at all. Romney may have lost points with some .

    Cain weathered the storm and attack by both the Left and the other 5 on his 999 plan. Only Gingrich didn’t attack him and actually agreed with his plan. The rest attacked but offered nothing better. They had better come up with something better because Cain’s “bold” plan resonates with folks , even those who do not like the consumer tax, which by the way may be on the way out and replaced with a new and more acceptable idea. More on that in my blog soon.

    Santorum like to have broke his arm patting his self on the back for his wins over dems in his home state. He failed to mention however that he got taken to the wood shed in 06 by a huge 15+ point margin. His bragging killed anything of substance he might have said but then when has he had anything of substance. He said , in his attack on Cain’s 999 plan that he would be coming out with his plan “soon”. He’s been saying that since day one and still no plan. I posted his non-plan along with the rest of the candidates on my blog site. He has no plan IMO ,just a lot of words. Time for him to find a job with Perkins and the Religious Farright “. His days are numbered in politics.

    Bachmann, said a lot of words but said little. Nothing new in her rants. Her “brag of being a tax accountant” in reply to Cain’s plan did not gain her any points as she still has nothing to offer that is as bold or better. Time for Bachmann to go back to her “dayjob” and earn the $$$ the taxpayers of her stated elected her to do.

    Paul still has some good ideas that need to be adopted by who ever the candidate is when they WIN in November. Otherwise Paul is just Paul and will never get the nomination. Cain may put him in charge of the Fed Reserve. I would.

    Huntsman didn’t show up. Says he is boycotting Nv over dates of caucus. Real reason, no $$$ and no support outside his state to speak of. He’s finished so he might as well stop taking up space and time in future debates.

    Same goes for no show Johnson. I have yet to figure out why or how he managed to get into the race to begin with. He doesn’t even have original jokes much less any original plans for the country. Stop taking up space and time at future debates. Oh and keep your day job because you won’t make it as a comedian either.

    That is my take on the debates other than it gave the left some ammo, mostly blanks but then the Left likes a lot of noise and no substance. Another reason they never hit the target, noise , no load.

    • Newt did a great job.. what a brain. In debates with Obama.. well O would end up wimpering off stage… lol As for Paul, on the surface he sounds great.. but man would he ruin this country.
      Bachman… getting worn out listening to her.
      Santorum.. get a job.. stop running for Pres.
      Perry and Romney… Palin on Fox last night said, it sounded like two unruly children going at it.

      Cain is brilliant.. A ticket with cain and Newt would be devistating to the left.

      I agree about Huntsman.. what a dweeb. I speak Chinese.. SO WHAT… Bush spoke spanish..

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