Libya’s New Polygamy for Liberated Men: Must First Wife Approve of Second Wife?

Late last night I found a statement by Libya’s new interim leader that Gaddafi’s ban on polygamy was in conflict with Sharia law, and he says, Sharia will be the source of all law in the country. Abdul-Jalil specifically mentioned “polygamy,” and he lifted the ban “immediately,” only a day or two after Gaddafi met his end. I was puzzled by the statement because I found numerous sources confirming that polygamy was not banned in Libya, but, the “First” wife had to give her approval. The significant difference must be that “First” wife and her opinion, now under liberation, is not so liberating. Nice to see all the liberated men cheering and yelling. They’ve had a good week.

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil (center)

Here’s is Abdul-Jalil’s statement.

Mr Abdul-Jalil went further, specifically lifting immediately, by decree, one law from Col. Gaddafi’s era that he said was in conflict with Sharia – that banning polygamy.

From Wikipedia (I know, I know, but I suspect they are not wrong in this)

Polygamous unions are legal in Libya if the first wife gives free consent or if health or social reasons compel one to do so. In recent times, it has reported to be decreasing in the nation at an exceeding rate, yet the accuracy of such claims has yet to be verified.

Another Statement on Polygamy in Libya from (International Resources for Latter-day Saints):



Islam is the primary influence on Libyan culture.  In recent times, Qaddafi has contributed to Libyan culture through propagating his Islamic-socialist philosophies.  Mediterranean and Arab cuisine are commonly consumed.  Asida, an Arab pudding dish, is the traditional dessert. Like many Muslim nations, alcohol is banned in accordance with Muslim teachings.  Cigarette consumption rates compare to the worldwide average.  Polygamy is permitted, but a man desiring to take a second wife must obtain the free consent of his first wife.

A reasonable person would think Libya should not have a leader with authority to make hard and fast changes so quickly after the fall of dictatorship, as there have been no elections. Yes, the “revolutionaries” were fighting for Democracy, but Islamic Democracy is Sharia Law – something the West and 99% of female Muslims don’t understand.

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  • ExAFCrewDog

    “… but Islamic Democracy is Sharia Law – something the West and 99% of female Muslims don’t understand.”

    I’m not sure the Muslim women don’t understand it, but I’m positive the West doesn’t understand it.

    I’m also sure most of the West doesn’t understand (or want to face) that Islam is not going to be peaceful. Ever.

    From everything I’ve read, Islam requires following of Sharia, among a lot of other things the West (and most of the world) doesn’t care for. Killing a few of the “terrorist leaders” won’t stop the movement. Ever.

  • Maha

    It is time for the West to understand the real Islam. Islam won by sword and prevailed by sword and will never ever be peaceful.