Libya NATO Mandate Ends: Gaddafi Killers Sought: Senad el Sadık el Ureybi Admits Killing Gaddafi

Yesterday we heard that Libya’s new National Transitional Council asked the United Nations (UN) to keep NATO forces in the area until the end of 2012. Today the UN’s Security Council nixed that request. Libya is vowing to find Muammar Gaddafi’s killers (but previously claimed he was killed in a crossfire). A Libyan man has publicly confessed on video. Senad el Sadik el Ureybi says he shot Gaddafi twice in the head and stomach. This should be easy for the TNC. Will the International Criminal Court and the Gaddafi family accept this boast? And remember the young anti-government rebel wearing the Yankees hat and brandishing Muammar’s golden pistol, Mohammad ElBiBi? He is acclaimed for actually finding Gaddafi in the drainage ditch. Gaddafi allegedly asked him not shoot. ElBiBi walked away with the dictator’s “golden pistol.” There were rumors that he was the shooter. See the video of Senad el Sadi el Ureybi below.

Libyan Yankees Fan and Gaddafi’s Golden Pistol

The U.S. and other NATO countries are backing rebels all over the globe. To think revolutionaries would not be violent in nature and filled with hate for their oppressors, is not realistic. Now some Libyans will lose their lives for killing Gaddafi, who they also killed thousands more of, in the fight to get to him – and that was okay. It makes no sense. Yes, I am aware of Geneva Conventions but, again…we are supporting rebels, and we know some will be as violent as the ones intended for the trash heap of history. It’s Libya’s business. I hope the U.S. stays out of it. Read more at Google News. Thanks to Gateway Pundit

Senad el Sadik el Ureybi Admits Killing Muammar Gaddafi (video)

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