Judge Napolitano Alex Jones: Police State Knock and Talk – Drug CheckPoints

Here is an interesting (and frightening) conversation between Alex Jones at InfoWars and Judge Andrew Napolitano. Do you know your rights?

Judge Andrew Napolitano


Alex tells Napolitano he has news articles in front of him that show:

Police at checkpoints taking DNA swabs as they look for serial killers. Jones says it’s worse than Nazi Germany and Napolitano agrees with him.

In Dallas suburbs, police knock on doors and ask people to invite them in. They admit they do not have a warrant. Eventually they force their way in – conducting searches for guns. People are intimidated and let them in.

Napolitano responds that Knock and Talk is surprising in Texas, as it is the only state that allows a citizen to resist the police using deadly force. In Texas, if you know you are not the guilty person, and you know they have no right to be on your property, you can shoot them!

Jones says asking a question can get you tasered. Asking a question is a taserable offense. Napolitano says we are getting closer and closer to a police state, and this is a natural argument that follows legislation like the Patriot Act.

Napolitano says we must resist loudly, and make it clear that you did not consent to these police state actions.

Jones asks the Judge how we got to this place. He responds that NeoCons have pushed the idea that “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

Distrust and caution are the parents of security ~ Benjamin Franklin

Alex Jones and Judge Napolitano on Police States (video)

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