Jewish Congressman Steve Israel Encourages Democrats to Support OWS with Anti-Semitsm on Full Display

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), a Jewish member of Congress, and head of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DNCC), has called on Democrat supporters to sign a petition supporting Occupy Wall Street, although there is more than a strong whiff of anti-Semitism on the streets of New York and around the country at OWS events. Israel is attempting to get 100,00 signatures.

Steve Israel

According to Politico, the DNCC phone lines were busy with angry callers, and not just a few were banking executives. A DNCC spokesman says they make no apologies for the email and petition, and blamed the housing crisis on Republicans. So there you are!

Odd that it was left unsaid that some of the “banker executives” are likely Jewish. It was clear the callers do not understand why Democrats would support Occupy Wall Street, considering their anti-capitalism stance, but Jews, especially, are being denigrated by the rabble, with a lot of hateful talk on the streets. Why would Steve Israel support them? Among those quoted in the Politico article, the words “Jew,” Jewish,” “anti-Semitic” and “anti-Semitism” are not mentioned.

Yid with Lid documents some of Steve Israel’s previous anti-Israel stances and says Steve Israel is “a political hack, who abandons the Jewish State and the Jewish people, not because of an actual belief but because he wants to get ahead in the Democratic Party political organization.” Here’s more:

The Chairman of The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) Steve Israel, who is supposed to be representing NY’s 2nd Congressional District, never met a Progressive anti-Semitic or anti-Israel group that he did not embrace.  The Long Island Congressman’s latest “love affair” is with Occupy Wall Street whose members have displayed a hatred of both the Jews and the Jewish State.

Business Insider – The GOP has weighed in:

Republican National Committee Communications Directors Sean Spicer slammed Democrats for supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement, while remaining silent on anti-Semitic incidents at the protests.

The memo links to an ad produced by the conservative “Emergency Committee For Israel,” which played a significant role shifting the New York 9th congressional seat to the GOP last month.

“Is Steve Israel standing with those calling for the killing of Jews?” the memo says. “Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz agree with the various calls for Jews to be “run out of this country” and to oppose and “destroy” the state of Israel?”

Another Politico article does ask where’s the Democrat outcry over ‘Occupy’ anti-Semitism and mentions Spicer’s memo:

In the memo, Spicer linked to three different videos documenting the comments he referred to. In one from the conservative group Emergency Committee for Israel called “Hate at Occupy Wall Street,” several demonstrators are shown making comments such as “Jews control Wall Street” and “You can’t even speak English? You Israeli? Go back to Israel.” A sign saying “Hitler’s Bankers Wall Street” also appears in the clip.

In another clip from ReasonTV in Los Angeles, a woman says: “I think the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve… need to be run out of this country.”

The last clip referenced by the RNC was filmed in Chicago and is called “Occupy Chicago Joins Destroy Israel Anti-war Peace March.” It features a man saying, “Israel is beginning to be seen as the criminal pariah state that it is.”

Israel was interviewed by John King for Real Clear Politics, and asked Israel about the Democrat loss of their long-held seat in New York District 9 (largely Jewish) after Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace. While his answer had nothing to do with Occupy Wall Street, it does show a stone-cold mind-set:

We’re not going to win elections by optimism. We win them with a cold-blooded, clear-eyed plan. ~Steve Israel


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  • I see the Capo got his orders from der Fuhrer.

  • David

    Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) religion is not Judaism but Liberalism. His actions and words have clearly demonstrated this time and time again. For anyone who has been paying attention even a little to this man than none of this comes as a surprise. He is Jewish by name only. Mr Israel is a secular liberal Democrat politician. Period. Anyone expecting him to be something other than what he is will be disappointed.

  • Chalk one up for our side, we may just pick up his seat.

  • arianna Doxis

    Zionism is support for the political policies of Israel.

    Many Jews are not Zionists and dislike the human rights violations of the state of Israel against Palestinians. B’tselem, for instance, has a website showing
    the injuries, fatalities, property violations of the state.
    Jews for Peace and many other Jewish organizations oppose these policies. Even
    Albert Einstein, in a famous 1948 letter, objected to Zionist Stern gang terrorists.
    Also, most American Zionists are not Jews but Christan fundamentalists.

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