Inside Occupy Wall Street General Assembly – The Demands and Two Inspiring Young Men

The two young, well-spoken men in this video are reporting on a vote taken within the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly (the “working demand committee group”). They explain what they were able to accomplish. Fascinating. You have watch.

Occupy Wall Street – Two Inspiring Young Men Talk About the Demands (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Like all Moonbats these idiots want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Did they ever consider where the money for these programs are going to come from? Who will be paying for them?

    No! These are the “entitled” generation. Raised on scoreless games, happy faces, gold stars and rewarded with the idea their poop doesn’t stink.

    It is time they are brought down to Earth and forced to face the real world.

    • findalis, these two don’t seem to fit the OWS profile.

  • Susan

    The only problem with going down to OWS is that it legitimizes them.

    • Susan, I agree with that. I did notice though that the early demands before the occupation began, sounded just like these two. They wanted to bring both sides together. We knew that couldn’t happen because conservatives were not going to sleep on the streets and inconvenience residents.

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