Holder Fast and Furious Subpoena: Judge Napolitano – Holder Cannot Avoid Subpoena Video

Attorney General Eric Holder’s subpoena for Fast and Furious documents should be in his possession now. Judge Andrew Napolitano, in the video below, says Holder cannot avoid complying. Congress invokes the power of the Federal Courts to empower the subpoena. Napolitano says it demands tens of thousands of pages of documents. The only way Holder can decline to produce documents is to claim Executive Privilege, which means he discussed the documents in the subpoena with the President of the United States – meaning he would “throw his boss under the boss.” The next move is that Congressman Darrel Issa’s office will examine the document when they get them and then call Holder back before his Committee.

Eric Holder

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Fox News:

The subpoena seeks, among other things, all communications regarding the operation from 16 top Justice officials, including Holder, his chief of staff, Gary Grindler, and the head of the department’s criminal division, Lanny Breuer,  as well as correspondence on specific dates to and from the former head of the ATF’s Phoenix field division, William Newell.

It also asks for all documents and communications referring or relating to the murder of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, including any correspondence outlining the details of Zapata’s mission at the time he was murdered…

Congressional investigators are also demanding information regarding the investigation into the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Two guns found at Terry’s crime scene were linked to the failed operation that allowed more than 2,000 weapons to “walk.”

The subpoena asks for correspondence that Justice Department officials had with the White House about the gun trafficking operation, as well as what information was shared by Justice officials in Mexico.

Napolitano thinks the news announcement about Iran’s terror plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. on U.S. soil, was released yesterday with the intention to deflect the news of Holder’s Fast and Furious subpoena. The terror plot has been known by pertinent authorities for at least 11 days, the Judge say, although others say Obama was briefed in June 2011. Catch-up on the latest Fast and Furious – always updated – at GunGate.


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Judge Napolitano on Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious Subpoena (video)

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