Hilda Solis Conveniently Forgets Alberto Gonzales

Geraldo Rivera is on the ground at Occupy Wall Street. I think I just heard him interviewing Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, although I can’t be sure it was her. I glanced up at the television right at the end. The person I think was

Hilda Solis

Solis was praising Barack Obama for having compassion for Latinos, and lamenting that he can’t do more for them – you know, like amnesty. She praised him for being the first president to put a Latino on his Cabinet (that would be Hilda Solis). She’s wrong. She should know she is wrong, and whoever this person was, Geraldo surely knew she was wrong. President G. W. Bush appointed Alberto Gonzales to U. S. Attorney General in 2005.

But there’s more: Republican President Richard Nixon appointed Romana Acosta Banuelos (female) to U.S. Treasurer. Republican President George H. W. Bush appointed Antonia Coello Novello (female) to U. S. Surgeon General (maybe not a Cabinet position). Bill Clinton appointed Federico Pena to Transportation Secretary, and Henry Cisneros to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Gonzales served as Secretary of State for Texas, served on the Texas Supreme Court and Hispanic magazine designated Gonzales the Hispanic American of the Year in 2005. Less than a year after taking office President Bush directed the dismissal of seven United States attorneys. They served at the pleasure of the President, and legally could be fired by Bush for no reason at all. Remember Obama firing Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who did not “serve at the pleasure of the President,” and could not be fired by the President. Obama fired him anyway, and arrogantly thumbed his nose at the House and the Senate when they attempted to investigate.

Democrats eventually forced Gonzales to resign. They also accused him of lying, and chirped on and on about it, but never filed charges. Nevertheless, an Inspector General investigated and found no wrongdoing.

It was a disgraceful time in our history, and George Bush should have stood stronger and been louder and protected Alberto Gonzales. And Hilda Solis should remember the Hispanic of the Year in 2005 served as the first Hispanic U.S. Attorney General, but it’s all racism, all the time.

If the person talking to Geraldo was not Solis, Geraldo should have corrected the speaker. These people just spout untruths and expect their minions to believe them. Which they do, but we can counter this nonsense, can’t we?

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Shame on Solis, if it was her, and shame on Geraldo.

  • Geraldo is a two faced bag of wind and a jackass. He has no shame but then again neither does the Left. How convenient of Solis to “forget”, yea my butt!

  • Paula

    I have to say too Geraldo is really a two faced bag of wind along with a jackass. He’s no shame however neither does the Left.