Herman Cain: The Anita Hills Crawl Out of the Woodwork – Cain Charged with Sexually Suggestive Behavior

First know this, it took Politico till the 4th of their 4-page article to quote those working with Cain at the top of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990’s. Three of those who worked closely with Cain said they knew of no inappropriate sexual allegations against him during those year. SEE UPDATES BELOW: I’ll will have ongoing updates on this story. New 10/31/11 below.

Herman Cain

Politico eventually said “almost all board members remember Cain fondly and say he left on good terms”…”extremely professional,” “fair,” and it was “not within his character” to make unwanted advances.”

The details are, two women have come forward to claim that Cain used “sexually suggestive” behavior toward them – but came forward to who? The two were supposedly paid-off by someone, but no one at the top knew a thing about it. The ‘pay-off’ supposedly was “sealed” and  the women forbidden from talking about the incident(s), but…but they apparently talked to Politico, or someone did. Politico has “confirmed their names” but will not reveal them due to “privacy concerns” for the women. Isn’t that convenient?

The National Restaurant Association is saying their corporate policy forbids them to “discuss personnel matters” with outside sources, but clearly someone is talking. 

Cain, who has been married to his wife Gloria for 43 years, did tell at least one campaign staffer this year about the possibility that claims of sexual harassment could surface, according to the aide. Cain, this person said, described a case in which he fired an employee in 1990s and the woman alleged sexual misconduct or harassment. Cain told the campaign staffer he had beaten the case and that the woman had paid for his legal fees. The aide had no further details.

We had a sitting President leaving semen stains on a blue dress, and the media refused to believe it, but let two Anita-Hill-types dish up some garbage against a Supreme Court nominee, and Politico prints it, without confirming it.  UPDATE: My apologies, thinking of Anita Hill and Justice Clarence Thomas obviously commandeered my thought process. What I intended to say was, but let two Anita-Hill-types dish up some garbage against a Republican Black man, Herman Cain, and print it, without confirming it in any verifiable way.

Juan Williams is on with Geraldo this minute saying this is undoubtedly the work of the GOP establishment who wants Herman Cain out of the picture. You know, I wouldn’t doubt it, but then I would as easily point the finger at David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

UPDATE: This report says this story is based on “anonymous sources.”

“Inside-the-Beltway media have begun to launch unsubstantiated personal attacks on Cain,” spokesman J.D. Gordon said in a written statement. “Dredging up thinly sourced allegations stemming from Mr. Cain’s tenure as the Chief Executive Officer at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, political trade press are now casting aspersions on his character and spreading rumors that never stood up to the facts.”

UPDATE: Hilarious. Geraldo is on live asking Herman Cain to call in and make a statement. His guest Ann Coulter tells him not to call in. An attorney would not want him to call in. Coulter also disputes Juan Williams’ assertion that there is no doubt GOP operatives bringing the hammer down on Cain. Coulter says no way – this is the work of Liberals.

UPDATE: J.D. Gordon, a spokesman for Cain, has just called in live to Geraldo. He says the assertions are not even sourced. They are unsubstantiated personal attacks.

Geraldo is gleeful, for all that he has told Cain how swell he is. Gerlado asks: is Cain denying that he ever gave money to two women. Gordon says yes, but Geraldo asks again. Was there a cash settlement to two female employees? Gordon will not answer, and says to get that information from the National Restaurant Association.

Geraldo tells Gordon that this is very serious and has plenty of weight – unsourced, but it has plenty of weight. Geraldo is an idiot.

Gordon says this is an unsourced third party, and Mr. Cain deserves better.

UPDATE: Cain campaign manager says Cain has never sexually harrassed anyone…

“They were the Chair, Vice Chair and immediate past chair of the National Restaurant Association during Herman Cain’s tenure. Yet all three — and all three said that he was a man of total integrity. Every negative word and accusation in the article is sourced to a series of unnamed or anonymous sources, and this is questionable at best. I am not personally aware of any cash settlement relating to sexual harassment charges to Mr. Cain.” Source Real Clear Politics video

UPDATE 10-31-11 @ 10:23am CDT: Cain is on FOX with Jenna Lee right now. She asks: “What is the truth? Have you ever been accused of sexual harrassment.” He says yes he was falsely accused, but after the investigation, the charges were found to be baseless, and totally false.” Jenna asks Have you had to settle a claim? Cain says, “Outside of the Restaurant Association? If the NRA did a settlement, I was not aware of it, and I hope they did not, because I was falsely accused.”

Jenna asks: “Are there more allegations to come like this one?” Cain says “Absolutely not.”

He says the accusatory sources are anonymous.

Readers, how often do you hear someone in politics answer a question in such a straightforward manner as Cain did? The answer is ‘never.’ He has aggressively defended himself. 

UPDATE 10-31-11 @ 11:08 am CDT: About Herman Cain and details of the “sexual harrassment” claims, The Other McCain is quoting a woman who worked on Cain’s 2004 Georgia Senate campaign. She doesn’t believe the story and says Cain “never even bordered on inappropriate in the slightest.”

UPDATE 10-31-11 @ 3:30pm CDT: Stacy McCain was at The National Press Club appearance of Herman Cain. Again, Cain repeated that he was falsely accuse, that he recused himself from the investigation, which was conducted by his general counsel and human resources officer. After the investigation, he was absolved and the finding was “no basis for the complaints.”

Find information about Cain campaign law violations here.

Stacy at The Other McCain has been along for the ride with Herman Cain several times, and has some thoughts on these unsourced rumors.

The Lonely Conservative is also updating.

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  • I strongly believe that the Clinton-Soros-Obama crowd have a full time staff of crony lawyers who do nothing but sit around all day thinking up stories that they can get away with…
    Meanwhile, Juan Williams and Geraldo Riveria are not the brightest lights on the street but they sure can ring a few doorbells…I think the only reason FOX News have these pinheads on TV is to let the world know that there’s a flip side to being smart…I believe they call it, “Fare and balanced.”

  • Here we go. You want to know who to vote for…watch for who the left attacks. This is who they fear the most and that’s who you should cast your vote for in most cases. Sarah Palin went through this and now Herman Cain. If Ron Paul was in the lead, they would go after him. Do you notice how they’re not really attacking Romney and he has plenty of political baggage. Because they want Romney to be our nominee. He is the least conservative of the bunch and they can deal if he wins. Not Cain or Ron Paul.

    • John, I think Dems believe they can use RomneyCare against him and to defend ObamaCare. When Cain spoke on Fox this morning, he was very, very aggressive in defending himself. How rare that is for a politician (which he is not but is in the political arena)?

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  • So it wasn’t sexual assault..
    …it wasn’t sexual harassment…
    …it wasn’t overtly sexual…
    …but it was “uncomfortable”

    What kind of non-controversy is this?

    • It is the Nina Totenberg/NPR type – it is the seriousness of the charge that matters, not whether it is true or not.

      • That’s my point. Subjecting someone to “not overtly sexual” “discomfort” is not a serious charge.

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  • Joe CItizen

    First off, it is rather odd that you reference “Anita Hills” in a piece where you seem to be taking Cain’s side. Hill was found, in the end, to be telling the truth. Even the prime rightwing hitman who took the lead in trying to trash her ended up confessing and apologizing – and breaking permanently with the rightwing thugs he associated with.

    Secondly, this is not a case where someone comes forward years later and makes an accusation. In this case, the accusations were made back then, 15 years ago. The story today is about the accusations having been made then, not new accusations being made now.

    “Anita-Hill-types dish up some garbage against a Supreme Court nominee, and Politico prints it, and confirms it, without confirming it.”

    Do you realize how incoherent this sentence of yours is. “Hill types” did not dish up some garbage. I repeat, the accusations were made 15 years ago. And how can Politico confirm it without confirming it?

    Don’t be a hack.

  • bandit

    Doing the job of the DNC oppo research staff.

  • When all comes out we will find the hand of Gloria Allred behind this.

    This feels like the bs she did against Meg Whitman.

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  • Mark DeMonbrun

    This is the fun stuff. Mr. Cain has been all over the place while on the tube today finally admitting that there had been allegations but insisting that the charges weren’t true and that he knew nothing of a pay-off even while admitting that he was Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant Association at the time, (Funny,I thought I heard he was Prez and CEO…whatever) and that he knew/knows the National Restaurant Association carried out an investigation of the charges at the time.

    So….Am I expected to believe that the Chairman/Pres/CEO of a national association got accused of sexual harassment and then knew nothing of the outcome other than he was exonerated? Puh-leeze.

    Whoops….Just now hearing that he taped a show with Greta to be aired this evening in which he does acknowledge the pay-off. Also, Politico is reporting that one of the women in question was invited to a motel room.

    Funniest are the charges by the Right that the Left is trying to bring him down. It’s obvious he needs no help from the Left. Not to mention that the idea that this guy could EVER be elected to the presidency in today’s political climate is ludicrous.

    Your experience and mileage may vary 🙂

  • corgiacres

    It wouldn’t surprise anyone if this was linked back to the Republican party, but I believe it’s the work of the Dems (or Soros.) They are so afraid that Herman Cain will mop the floor with Oblamo. He would too!

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