Herman Cain on The View: He Isn’t Barack Obama Video

Herman Cain appeared on The View. The ladies didn’t quite know what what to do with him, but Joy Behar hung in there and dug-in a bit when she asked him about gay and lesbians. When asked if he believes that homosexuality is a choice, he said he does, but if Science is presented showing otherwise, he might be persuaded to change his mind. The panel all agreed that Herman Cain was certainly “not Obama.” Here’s the video.

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Cain recently said most Black voters are brainwashed to be Liberal and Democrat. He thinks he might get about a quarter of the Black vote, saying those who will not even listen to, or consider his 9-9-9 Plan, aren’t “savable.”

Herman Cain on The View Part 1 (video)

Herman Cain on The View Part 2 (video)

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  • I like him Maggie. I think he’s a rock solid conservative and that’s what we need.

  • Mr. Cain looks better every day. He’s smart, articulate, knowledgeable, and has a common sense conservative backbone. It’s much too early to predict but so far he appears to be a winner.

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  • They had no idea what to do with him. This is one of the rare moments I’ve actually seen these hens not interrupting someone and actually listening. Perhaps they learned something or perhaps they didn’t want to admit they had no clue what he was talking about.

    Of course Joyless went for the gay question. Social politics are the only ones that matter to her and you could see her eyes glazing over when he explained his 9-9-9.

  • Let’s be honest. Cain is the only person running for POTUS that can say a majority of the black community is brainwashed when it comes to Republican conservatives and not be demolished by the MSM.

    I love the guy and I believe he can defeat Obama.

  • He was amazing on this show. He didn’t aggravate, he just explained his views, calmly and distinctly. None of them, including, Whoopy could call him a racist, because he is truly not. Joy seemed almost respectful… almost. Barbara was asking good questions to which Cain gave straight answers. There was no politic speak at all. I love this guy. He keeps this up and he’ll be the President. The 9 9 9 plan is perfect… As someone who struggles with taxes because I have to take them out of my income and pay them… they ain’t held back by an employer, I love the simpleness of the plan. 9 percent and that’s it.. no deductions, no loopholes. You just take out 9 percent and you pay. I love it.

  • Of course Joyless went for the gay question. That is what liberals do when they have no facts to refute the plan of a common sense person. The gay question is never one of common sense, it is a “trap” question and Cain is not one to be trapped by those abounding in ignorance.

  • I’m beginning to rethink my position on Herman Cain.

  • Mike , So far he is the only one to lay out a common sense plan. I am presenting each candidates plan for America and will continue until all have been covered. I present Cain’s today, Gingrich and Romney’s were last week.
    I had concerns but the more I listen the more I understand.