Herman Cain: Imagine There’s No Pizza Video: I’m With Cain – Build the 20′ Border Fence

Herman Cain in a choir robe singing Imagine There’s No Pizza. I just love this guy and I love that he said we would have a 20′ tall border fence, electrified at the top. See, everyone knows it is illegal to cross into any country without official documents, so give don’t give me any sass about wanting to kill people. The fact is, our government is killing people every day by letting illegals cross our borders – I’ll have some data on this soon. (If you missed the story today, Cain advocated for the electrified border fence at a recent Tea Party and Liberals think he’s Josef Mengele.)

Herman Cain

Enjoy Mr. Cain, the former CEO of Godfather Pizza, singing Imagine There’s No Pizza. I am a pizza addict and never want to think of a world without pizza.

Herman Cain Sings Imagine There’s No Pizza (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • OldSarg

    That was awesome! It will be nice to have an honest, talented, presidential President once again.

  • It’s still too early in the game for me to choose my preferred GOP candidate, but with each passing day, I’m edging closer to Cain. Hubby is now, too.

    If the presidential election were held tomorrow, Herman would earn my vote. But I’m still just a tea party conservative raaaaacist to the shrieking liberal clowns who are trying to convince us that President Zero is a brilliant centrist who should be loved and obeyed by everyone and who hasn’t been given enough of a chance for the past ONE THOUSAND DAYS to do everything that he must to dismantle the Constitution and punish America for its exceptionalism.

  • Cain’s my guy. Down to earth, practical, wholesome and humble. I love this guy.

  • I find that I am in total agreement with ClassicFilm concerning Obama. He has been a total zero with everything except destroying America.

  • Herman Cain: The first Black President!