Herman Cain: Campaign Law Violation?

Herman Cain is on Fox News with Jenna Lee this minute. After asking Cain about the sexual harrassment story, she asks about rumors of violations of campaign laws by his campaign. Cain says this is the first time he has heard of such charges, which directly involve Cain campaign manager, Mark Block. Sheeeeesh! Many, many people are after this good man. Be sure to take note of the line right about the quote below. See ongoing UPDATES below.

Herman Cain

Daniel Bice writing at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (JSOnline):

Herman Cain’s two top campaign aides ran a private Wisconsin-based corporation that helped the GOP presidential candidate get his fledgling campaign off the ground by originally footing the bill for tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for such items as iPads, chartered flights and travel to Iowa and Las Vegas – something that might breach federal tax and campaign law, according to sources and documents.

Internal financial records obtained by No Quarter show that Prosperity USA said it was owed about $40,000 by the Cain campaign for a variety of items in February and March. Cain began taking donations for his presidential bid on Jan. 1.

Prosperity USA was owned and run by Wisconsin political operatives Mark Block and Linda Hansen, Cain’s current chief of staff and deputy chief of staff, respectively.

The authenticity of the records was verified by two individuals close to the firm.

Daniel Bice: “It is not known if Cain’s election fund eventually paid back Prosperity USA.” Apparently Prosperity USA [tax-exempt nonprofit] no longer exists. Cain federal election filings do not show the debt, if there is one.

This is breaking news yet no one knows if the loan is outstanding!

In addition to picking up these expenses at least initially, Prosperity USA also paid as much as $100,000 to the Congress of Racial Equality, a conservative black organization, shortly before Cain was a featured speaker at the group’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. dinner in mid-January.

Today, dogs are on the hunt – authorities say there are “a host of questions.”There is much more. Read it at JSOnline.

About Herman Cain and details of the “sexual harrassment” claims, The Other McCain is quoting a woman who worked on Cain’s 2004 Georgia Senate campaign. She doesn’t believe the story and says Cain “never even bordered on inappropriate in the slightest.”

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  • No matter the allegation one must always keep in mind it could be true. In terms of Politico floating the sexual harrassment story, if true it may end a campaign. If not true, it will do severe damage in the court of public opinion. That is what is wrong with stating allegations with little to support it.

    Same goes for the campaign violation allegations. It would appear the MSM is again willing to continue throwing ‘stuff’ at the wall to see what sticks. As I stated on my blog there is reason to believe the Politico story is politically motivated. Reason being, they chose to float a story dating to the nineties as Cain reached the top in the polls rather than when he first entered the campaign.

    In addition to that you might wonder how real the harrassment allegations were if the two mystery women were willing to accept money in lieu of their day in court. Were they merely looking for a cheap payday?

    But it’s election season folks. There will be much more of this as election day nears.

  • Allegations with teeth to them, are stains on a dress. Allegations without teeth are those that even the Politico won’t even say what was alleged. To me, it’s a lie. Powerful people draw out the vermin of society. The sum of a man’s character, is his life, and this gentleman,Herman Cain, has lived a life of honor and integrity. My judgement on this and my gut tells me, this whole thing has been, firstly cooked up by to slimy woman, and now a slimy press. My vote is still with Cain.
    There is no patern of behavior here that would indicate to me any other judgement.

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