Hank Williams: Keep the Change (We Know What We Need, and We Know Who to Blame!)

If you haven’t already heard about Hank Williams, Jr., Obama, ESPN and his famous “Are you ready for some football! before the NFL games, read that story here and see the video that provided the inspiration behind Hank’s new song, Keep the change. My favorite line: “We know what we need, and we know who to blame.” Hank is mighty unhappy with Fox and Friends, too. I did see the segment but didn’t see what happened “after.” Visit Hank’s website here.

Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. New Version of Keep the Change (audio)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Heh! How manly and resilient of ESPN, eh? They’re jokes. The whole point of football is that it’s masculine and tough. But the vehicle? ESPN comes across as castrated, a wee bit light.

    Good on Williams. I’m sure this will play to his advantage.

  • The professional ball sports media empire is a wussified PC shadow of its former self.

    Don’t waste your time, American. There are so many more fulfilling things to do with your weekends: Bike, hike, visit old people, anything but waste time watching one corporate entity “battle” another corporate entity.

  • ashley

    There are so many more fulfilling things to do with your weekends: I’m sure this will play to his advantage.

  • Like any true genious artist, he speaks brilliantly through his art and his, song. I went to one of his concerts back in the 80s.. and man what an entertainer he is… A real American, and patriot.. THANK YOU BOCEPHUS

  • Pro-football? Band of overpaid, egotistical, rude, wife beating, sexist,jackass thugs. Who watches it? Certainly not I. Nor do I watch so called Pro-basket ball for the same reasons.
    Two weeks canceled in the season, cancel it all and then do the same with Pro-Football. Give me some college games or even high school games . At least those kids are playing it for what it is, a sport. Greed and ego hasn’t taken total control of them yet.

  • Good for him.Time to move it along with ESPN.

  • I watched the opening of Monday Night Football and it sucked.

    ESPN: The sports network that believes poker is a sport.

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