Hank Williams Jr on The View: Taking His Monday Night Act Elsewhere?

Hank Williams, Jr. appeared on The View yesterday. Barbara Walters was condescending. He pointed to Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s pertinent comparison: the ‘Yankees and Red Sox would never get together for a love lunch.’ Hank should have come armed with celebrities who referred to G. W. Bush as “Hitler.” Too bad he didn’t. He has apparently asked others to boycott ESPN, and Disney, which owns both ESPN and The View.  He said “Mickey is a mean mouse.” He quoted Harry Truman (something about “cow turds on a hot day”). Joy Behar asked why he didn’t use “Stalin” or “Pol Pot” as his example, because  no one would have cared! Hank replied he isn’t smart enough to know the difference. He also announced that as of May 1, 2012 he and his song (Are You Ready for Some Football?) are free agents. Hubby heard him say he and his song are in talks to take his Monday night act to another network – maybe Fox. I’m looking for that video.

Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr on The View (video)

Thanks to USAToday for the video.

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