Gilad Shalit Going Home: Gilad Shalit Prisoner Swap?

If this is true, it is very good news. The swap is reported to be Israeli Gilad Shalit (a prisoner since 2006) for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Five hundred Palestinians

Gilad Shalit

are to be released in exchange for Shalit, and some time later, another five hundred Palestinians will be sent home. There have been many starts and stops to this exchange. In the past, Netanyahu has refused to release prisoners who have committed lethal acts against Israelis. Netanyahu called Shalit’s family to give them news. The list of Palestinian prisoners has not been released. No date for the release has been announced. Read Gilad’s story at Monkey in the Middle.

Shalit was kidnapped in Israel when Hamas tunneled under a border crossing and took him captive in June 2006. Pleas from the International Red Cross and various human rights organizations to visit Gilad while in captivity, have been refused by Hamas. The video below was released on September 14, 2009. Blessings for Gilad and the Shalit family.

Gilad Shalit Video, September 14, 2009

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  • Update: Reports from Israel say in a few days. But I fear all Israel will get is a dead body.

    The worth of an Muslims compared to a Jew is 1000 to 1.

  • I think it should be 100,000 to 1.

  • After 5 years. I pray this is true. I love that Israelis place so much value on each human life. Too bad others take advantage of that high moral standard.

    Prayers for many years of happiness for Gilad Shalit and his family.

  • I hope he’s still alive.