Gaddafi Standing on His Own Feet: Definitely Survived…for a Time

You can see why the vain dictator always wore headgear. He’s basically bald at the forehead. The video shows a bloodied Muammar Gaddafi standing on his own, clearly struggling to stand or keep people away, but he is alive. In the opening frame you see him being pulled onto the bed of a truck. Can’t tell if he’s dead or alive, but assuming he was put on the truck first, and then is put off the truck, and he stands, he would not be dead on the bed of the truck. Or maybe someone fiddled with the video. Many are yelling the video, but you hear one over and over. Is he saying “Allahu Ak – barrrrrrr?” I think he is. Hot Air has more with commentary.

Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi Standing and Bloodied (video)