Gaddafi Bled to Death from Shot to Head: Body Stashed in Freezer

This narrated video quotes a coroner saying Muammar Gaddafi bled to death from the shot to his head. It shows the drainage ditch he was found in, and a rebel putting a gun to his head. Gaddafi’s body is biding it’s time in a shopping center freezer, as it awaits an investigation by the International Criminal Court. As with all of these Gaddafi videos, be warned of violence and blood. See two videos below.

Muammar Gaddafi

The second video below is a representative of the International Criminal Court discussing the possible illegal nature of Gaddafi’s death.

Hot Air has many quotes from rebel fighters and commentary, including some of Gaddafi’s own words as he faced his death. 

Muammar Gaddafi Body Stashed in Restaurant Freezer (video)

ICC on The Geneva Convention and Gaddafi’s Death (video)

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  • War crimes- there’s even a clip of his son having a last cigarette before they shoot him in the neck

  • What is illegal of killing a tyrant in WAR and that is just what it was.

    The International Court is a farce, a part of an attempt to bring the world under one so called “justice system”. Call it BS for that is what it is. Their attempts to draw the US into such is disturbing to say the least.

    Gadafi’s body should have been strewn in the desert and let the animals and the fowls of the air disperse with it and then the bones left to bleach in the sun as a sign to all those who would attempt to rule and live as he did.

  • “Illegal?”

    Where is the UN’s “investigation” into The Won’s interference in Libya?

    • Ran, Obama is the future of the U.N. He will be the first U.S. President to take an actual job after leaving the Oval, and will head-up the U.N. He covets it more than the presidency.

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  • ER

    there was that vid seeming to show him being sodomized, just b/c it’s war, doesn’t mean everything’s legal