ESPN Dumps Hank Williams Jr: Hank Williams Jr. Follows Rush Limbaugh in The ESPN Trash Can of PC

Eastern Elitist Liberals have done it again. Hank Williams, Jr. remains in good company, never mind ESPN dumping him from Monday Night’s call to get ready for “some football,” for alluding to an Obama resemblance to Hitler. Remember when Rush Limbaugh was dumped from the ESPN Sunday show after expressing his opinion that media aggressively promoted Donovan McNabb for being a great Black quarterback, when he wasn’t – according to Rush? Hank Williams, Jr., the beloved voice that asks “Are You Ready for Some Football,” every Monday night, resounding in millions of Man Caves as well, chatted with the crew on Fox and Friends today and expressed his dismay that Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich played a round of golf with Obama and Biden. Well, I didn’t like it either. Now Williams is jerked and I guess “All” his “Rowdy Friends” won’t be there on “Monday night.” See two videos below.

Hank Williams, Jr.

So what did Williams say:

“It would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli leader) Benjamin Netanyahu,” Williams told “Fox & Friends.” Source: Politico

Janeane Garofolo called Bush “Hitler.” CNN showed a “Bush-head” with horns and a Hitler mustache – no outcry. George Soros called Bush “Hitler” numerous times. Linda Ronstadt said after the Iraq War, we had a “bunch of Hitlers.” See a run down of Republicans being charged with being card-carrying Nazis here (remember Nancy Pelosi saying healthcare protesters wore Nazi swastika armbands?). Celebrities had a lot to say about the Iraq War and Bush, and comparisons to undesirables were not subtle. I have no doubt the above examples are tiny compared to what a thorough search might find.

The opening of Monday night football won’t be nearly as much fun, and I can tell you, the fans won’t like this. Many fans in the stadiums, and at home with their longnecks, agree with Hank Williams, Jr. Chalk another one up for the ESPN Liberal elites, who can’t get their heads out of Obama’s behind (so says my hubby!).

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Hank Williams, Jr. on Fox and Friends (video)

Hank Williams, Jr., “Are You Ready for Some Football?”

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