Elizabeth Warren Scott Brown: Liberal Women and Nudity

Elizabeth Warren (she who did not remove her clothing for Cosmo) got a boot-up today when Massachusetts U.S. senatorial candidate Alan Kazei dropped out of the race on the Democrat side because “beating Scott Brown [R-Mass] matters most.” Senator Scott Brown (he who did remove his clothing for Cosmo), won the Republican Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy (he who was likely on his way to removing his clothing when he drove Mary Jo Kopechne off the Chappaquidick bridge.

Elizabeth Warren

A quick look around the web, and I can see that Democrats think Warren’s good sense of right and wrong in college, compared to Brown’s debauchery, will give her an advantage.

If you are not familiar with the story, Warren took part in a debate for Massachusetts senatorial candidates on Tuesday, October 4th. Scott Brown wasn’t in the room. Reports are that Warren was asked how she paid for her college (and maybe that question was a set-up?).  Either way…

When asked how she paid for college, Warren, a Democrat, teased Brown, the Republican incumbent, for posing nude in Cosmopolitan in 1982:

“I didn’t take my clothes off,” Warren quipped.

And that led Brown, the recumbent incumbent, to respond: “Thank God!” on a radio talk show.

Brown only responded because he was asked about Warren’s comment a few days later.

Responding to Brown after he thanked God, the petulant and pissy Warren said she would “survive” Brown’s jabs.

Clare Kelly, executive director of the Massachusetts Democrat Party, said Brown’s comments are “the kind of thing you expect to hear at a Frat party,” said Brown’s comment sent a “terrible message” to women. Tsk, tsk.

But so far, I can find nothing from Kelly on Obama’s cocaine and marijuana habit in not only college, but high school as well. In fact, back in the day, ABC said his drug habit could add to his “unconventional appeal.”

Since when have uber enlightened Democrat women been offended by a little nudity? Liberal women are never offended at PETA nudes or Vegan Nudes or Code Pink Nudes – all of which show some of their girl parts. The fact is, if Brown didn’t show his “boy parts,” it couldn’t be so bad, could it? (Read the unrelated but sad background on boy and girl parts here – if you have daughters, it’s an important story).

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  • I’m with Scott Brown on this. I am very grateful that there are no nude pictures of Ms. Warren floating around the Internet.