Economic Freedom in America: Compare Contrast: What Regulations Cost Americans VIDEO

Here are two great videos on economic freedom and quality of life, courtesy of The Economic Freedom Blog. The first video is a good look at what economic freedom means to quality of life around the world. The second has meaningful statistics we need to know. Watch these videos with your teenagers, college students and Liberals in their 20’s and 30’s – and old hippies.

From the second video.

1] The economic gains of over 20 years in America have been erased in the last nine years.

2] America ranks lower than Canada for the first time ever.

3] The Directory of Federal Regulations has increased to over 81,000 pages. If you read 100 pages every day, it will over two years to read it all.

4] Every year, regulatory compliance costs U.S. businesses over $1.75 TRILLION – enough to hire 42 MILLION workers (one-quarter of the U.S. workforce).

5] The cost of regulatory compliance equals 15% of the U.S. private sector economy.

6] Add cost of government spending, plus cost of tax compliance, and the burden consumes two-thirds of the private economy.

7] Add in government debt and promises of future spending, total government commitments are ten times the private sector economy.

8] Growth of private economy slows down as growth of federal spending increases, resulting in the longest streak of high-unemployment since the great depression.

Every American protester in the Occupy Wall Street crowd has the economic freedoms talked about in these videos, yet instead of calling for the protection of those freedoms, they are calling for revolution against them. I doubt there is anyone in that group that doesn’t have a far better standard of living than in any non-capitalistic country, yet they are calling for the destruction of capitalism.

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Linked at The Libertarian (thank you) with many good links on economic freedom

Economic Freedom and Quality of Life (video)

Economic Freedom (video)

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  • Great videos. People do not realize what regulations to to the cost of everything.

  • And Odummer still doesn’t understand by unemployment numbers are so high and would be higher with his NOJOBS bill passed. He side steps Congress to get his crap and tax agenda through via the EPA which killed more jobs and will kill 15 million more in the next five years or less. OBAMANOCARE has already killed half million jobs and will kill another million by 2013 as more of this nonsense comes into being.
    Dems want to regulate(control) everything but yet blame the Republicans when they can’t get their regulatory job killing bills passed.

  • ExAFCrewDog

    As long as our Congress keeps churning out legislation that generates bureaus to enforce/regulate/oversee said legislation, we’ll continue to “create jobs,” i.e., bureaucrat wienies. Said legislation never, ever (it seems) allows for oversight of said bureau-wienies.

    They do as they please. They don’t understand “unintended consequences.” They don’t give a hoot about “consequences.” They live in la-la land. Their world is one gigantic Big Rock Candy Mountain. Everyone else pays.

  • Jason

    A lot of those countries on List B have very little government planning and poor public servies.. yet the countries on List A have planned economic policies aka “socialized healthcare”. Example: Switzerland has state-sponsored clinics for hardcore drug addicts where junkies go in and are given heroin AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE and guess what IT WORKS. Have any choice words for that?

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