Darrell Issa: Special Prosecutor Not A Good Idea for Fast and Furious: The Awakening!

I just heard Congressman Darrell Issa (D-CA) say perhaps a Special Prosecutor is not a good idea, as his committee has already been “stonewalled” by one, for a

Darrell Issa

year, on the Fast and Furious case. It’s good to hear a Congressman tell it like it is. What he was saying is, this administration is corrupt and rotten to the core, and there is no reason to believe a special investigation or Special Prosecutor will do anything to investigate Attorney General Eric Holder’s lies. After information was released this week saying Eric Holder knew about Fast and Furious as early as July 2010, despite his testimony in May 2011 that he had only learned of the Operation in the past few weeks, Issa did call for a Special Prosecutor. If that means an Inspector General investigation, we know they are worthless in an administration that seeks and uses lawlessness for it’s end purpose. We saw that when IG Gerald Walpin was “fired” by Obama for exposing AmeriCorp and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (yes, the NBA player). A president cannot fire an Inspector General, but this president did.

I don’t know the next step – who can “investigate?” Perhaps impeachment for Holder should be the next step.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I am encouraged by Congressman Issa’s dedication to this issue. This is something that could really bring down a huge area of corruption. This is definitely getting into the impeachment zone.

  • So is Issa saying that Holder gets away with it?

  • Impeachment proceedings will go no where with this Senate so it looks like the American people take it in the ear, or some other orifice, once again.

  • Pressure, Pressure, Pressure. That is what Issa and the Republicans need to keep on doing right up to election day.
    Make an issue of this along with the failed plans for the economy which was hooked up to Solydra and other greenweenie failures …. But the GOP has no real guts for a down and dirty barroom brawl.

    Too bad because it gives Obama another chance for re-election and another opportunity to destroy this country.

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  • Huzzah for Issa! He runs the relevant committee in the co-equal branch of government. Congress owns the investigation and needs to get started on the impeachment articles post-haste.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Heh. Have Congress appoint *Gerald Walpin* as Special Prosecutor. This is a Constitutional crisis, after all.

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  • Where’s Deep Throat II? Oh, wait a minute. Deep Throat was the pseudonym for the FBI guy of Watergate fame. WaPo, Ben Bradley, Woodward and Berstein and the ‘media’ were all over Watergate. Don’t expect the same scenario for the Obama scandals. The media went after Nixon. They won’t go after Obama, et al.

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  • Demise

    The MSM are the biggest WHORES on the planet. They are protecting their little black books and doing a tremendous disservice to this country in the name of personal agendas.

    The MSM used to be the protectors of the Constitution.

    Now they are pissing on it daily as they pick and choose political winners and try to destroy the lives and careers of those they disagree with. The facts be damned.

    The MSM are whores and they personally are going to be responsible for the destruction of this country because they have lost sight of just what it is the MSM is all about.

    The Truth. The Facts. Integrity and keeping honest people honest and exposing ANY and ALL dishonest people including politicians.

  • Talk about Fast & Furious… Now they’re squelching Sharyl Atkisson.

    This is getting very ugly, very fast.

  • Issa (R-CA) –
    see-we Californians can give this Republic a stand up Patriot : – )

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  • I also read something about Operation Wide Receiver. This gun walking business is a bipartisan endeavor. But if you look at the history of the government and drugs, it’s really not that shocking. Just ask Gary Webb of the Dark Alliance series, oh wait, you can’t because he’s dead. Suicide by two bullets in the head. Funny how that happens.