Crockett Keller Radio Ad: Concealed Carry Ad – Stirs it Up

Keller’s Store is, I think, a gun store, or gun dealership. The owner, Crockett Keller, is also a realtor. Crockett Keller has an ad running in his local area of Mason, Texas.  Keller’s is offering an all-day beginner’s workshop to prepare you for your “concealed carry” license. The problem (or the fun) begins at about 45-sec. in the video below. UPDATE: Crockett Keller may under Federal, State and/or Civil Rights investigation. See the latest here.

Crockett Keller

If you are a Socialist Liberal, and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgable and prudent decision, as required under the law. Also, if you are a non-Christian Arab or Moslem, I will not teach you the class. Once again, with no shame, I am Crockett Keller…God bless America.

I predict Crockett’s class will be filled to the max.

I notice that everyone on The Five today took exception to the ad, and Keller is now officially tagged “a redneck.” As to the Conservative’s on The Five thinking this is just a terrible abuse of free speech, there are far worse things in this world than “rednecks,” in fact I thank God for them at times (Greg Gutfeld – what were you thinking today?)

How about the signs on Occupy Wall Street – “kill your parents,” or Barney Franks’ $1.3Million from Wall Street, or Obama’s $12 Million from Wall Street? Or Occupiers going to the homes of businessmen and women? Or Obama removing all references to Islam from terrorist training manuals? Or the DOJ imprisoning our Border Patrol Agents…again?  Or Girl Scouts accepting a 7-year-old boy into their ranks?

So, so many more important bits of news to disparage than Keller Crockett “redneck,” making his living selling guns, and  teaching people how to handle them responsibly.

See the history of Keller’s Store here.

Radio Ad for Crockett Keller’s Concealed Carry Class (video)

  • Yep, and he means what he says. I know him from my Texas days and he is a straight shooter (both in talk and in shooting). He will have a packed class indeed.
    Don’t ya just love folks that tell it like it is? hahhaha

    • Steven Carson

      I just loved it when I heard this commercial. I only wished that I lived near him so I could attend his class. I agree with everything he said about these people proving that they have no common sense and can’t make quick intelligent decisions. Also why teach a terrorist how to use a gun when it will just be used against yourself. God Bless America and God Bless our Second Amendment!

      • Randy Greenbaum

        Where do you people come from? under what rock in the least educated in the nation(Texas) do you nitwits reside?

        • Justin Bennett

          We come from AMERICA,…. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….if you dont like it,…………..GET THE F%$K OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • keith quiocho

            Hey dummy if it’s the UNITED states of America why would you tell someone to get out? I know books,knowledge and intellect scare you and the biggest word you know is the F word and an evening in is spent beating up your wife and molesting your daughter. Word of advice when you dump septic tanks for a living you shouldn’t be full of what you dump. Have a wonderful day at the only job you could find with a third grade education.

            • Justin Bennett

              obviously you are a worthless, liberal,muslim, succabis with no knowledge of history, or how this country was founded. Let me guess,……you went to a paid free collage, and now sit on your fat ass all day, breeding worthless welfare children, collect the “government cheese” go to emergency when you get a cold, voted for obumer, and expect everything for free!!!!

              All the while, people like me, work 6 days a week, provide for the community, and pay taxes to support worthless, waste of good air, pieces of sh%t like you!!!!!!! yes I know the S word as well.

              O.K., enough of the whity banter,…put that in your crack pipe, and go get your welfare check,….yo babys crying cuz de hungy.

              • keith quiocho

                Actually I went to a very expensive college and watch uneducated fools like you work six days a week while I play golf oh I pay taxes but less than you and make much,much ,much morethan you. I don’t expect anything for free because I have plenty of money and time to do what i want. You see my babies are not hungry both of them are in very nice colleges learning how to make a living working your children 6 days a week. So please forgive me if I am not to upset by ” whity banter” actually I find all of you amusing. Funny the only reason I have time to write this reply is because I employ and under pay people just like you. Now what is more AMERICAN than that.

                • andrea

                  You wrote ” the only reason I have time to write this reply is because I employ and under pay people just like you. Now what is more AMERICAN than that.”
                  Are you the same who manages or owns the Ontario,CANADA restaurant Lotus Restaurant? Lotus employs 10 to 19 people and has an annual revenue of Less than $500,000. Wonder how your employees would like it that you talk about them like garbage. Probably will be doing dishes instead of writing horse s&#@%.
                  You are a liar. You imply that you are American, you are Canadian. Fool. LOL.

            • andrea

              Can you read? If you don’t like America then….LEAVE. Oh wait, you don’t live in America, You live in Canada, and that makes you a socialist. So STFU TROLL

          • Dave

            I’m loveing your attitude ! hit the dam nail on the head ! call it like it is ! !

        • red neck

          don’t hate just cause you are a hebrew and have a small pecker.

          • keith quiocho

            why would you mention my ” pecker” that seems odd that you were thinking about “peckers” when you replied,hmmmmmm……????? Are you thinking about peckers right now? Do you think about peckers often? You are the guy who looks around in the mens room instead of at the wall. PECKERS,PECKERS,PECKERS you love em don’t you. I have never in my life commented on the size or wondered about the size of another mans pecker. Open the closet doors Dorothy and be free to brokeback it up with your so called drinking buddies.

      • Lets go one further…. Dear Crockett…. If you are not White/Irish-American YOU TOO need to depart of this country. We don’t need ignorant people like you.

    • Deb

      yea your white you all support a racist like this and you call yourself american i laugh at this

      • SgtZim

        Deb: The first letter in a sentence is capitalized. “Your” is a possesive pronoun. I think you meant to say “you are” or “you’re”. How can you tell if this guy is a racist? He just said he wouldn’t teach arab muslims, which is a specific group with very defining ideologies and goals which I would guess Mr. Keller disagrees with. Try a little more punctuation, better spelling, and something other than an ad hominem attack and name calling and you might have a little more credibility. There should be a name for people who call everyone else a racist and assume everyone is racist if they are white. Let’s call you… a whigot. Bigoted against all white people.

        • Justin Bennett

          Amen sister!

          • keith quiocho

            Let’s call you D-BAG! I apologize white people have never been the cause of misery for other cultures,races or religions everything you touch you turn to crap. i take it back white people are the root of all EVIL!!!!

            • Justin Bennett

              go eat some pork, and burn a koran

              • keith quiocho

                HUH?….If you want to insult me you need to do better than that.Actually I will take yor suggestion a BLT sounds good. Thanks
                Ohh one last thing “go eat some pork and burn a koran” don’t get it??….Kinda weak I know you can do better than that!!!!

      • Paradrafter

        Mr. Keller doesn’t want to not instruct persons of known religious conviction that have only hate and contempt for Christians (who by the way come in all races). He just made the mistake of verbalizing what he thought in a nation that professes to the rest of the world that we believe in free speech. The beauty of the 1st Amendment speech freedoms the Founders envisioned was it allowed them in their time, and if continued today, would allow us to identify what each of us truly believed. That is the essence of a free society; to speak your mind without fear of government persecution. The end result if the Founder’s intent was used today would be, if Mr. Keller’s known personal beliefs were contrary to his community, his business would suffer.

        • Paradrafter, you are exactly right about the Founder’s intent. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • red neck

        keep laughing i’m reloading!

    • afticker, interesting. Wonder what would happen if Muslims tried to get their own dealership and teach Concealed Carry?

      • Doug In Mississippi

        “Wonder what would happen if Muslims tried to get their own dealership and teach Concealed Carry?”

        Well, the Muslim mosques teach hatred and how to kill the infidels all over the United States and nothing has happened, even the ACLU and the current DOJ turns a blind eye to these obvious actions of sedition and treason. Since Keller is not on the side that hates the US and wishes our country a socialist hellhole, he will be vilified and attacked from CAIR, the liberal ACLU, and the current DOJ.

  • Jewel Vincent Walker


    • Tony

      Wow, you actually found something to be proud of….Texas? Good for you. OK guys, gals and toothless hicks: people who see this for what it is (ignorance and yes, racism) typically lead with insults because they are true. If someone leads with “ignorant redneck”, that is not a deliberate insult, it’s just insulting to you when it is actually based in fact that he disseminated over the air!
      HE came out publically and just told the world he dislikes people based on their religion (racism) and their ideology (racism). If you are going to come on to a message board and try to use big words and argue the side of a moron then you better really put it up there. Because I’m going to tear it down! Tea-bagger if you prefer. Learn what the fkn word tolerance means, which is what the meaning of this country is, not guns and straw hat wearing goofballs like this guy. That maybe Texas, but not America.
      That’s why you have Rick Perry.

      • Randy Greenbaum

        Ha ha ha ha thats a good one Tony.

        • Justin Bennett

          You are the true meaning of a TERRORIST! People like you will be the destruction of our great country,…U.S.A. The muslims have no rights in our country!!!!!!!!!!! How many Christians do you see strapping a bomb to their chests and blowing up your family?????????????????????????

          • David Nelson

            “How many Christians do you see strapping a bomb to their chests and blowing up your family?????????????????????????”

            –see: The Crusades.

        • Justin Bennett

          What a couple of fricken IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Justin, can you answer David Nelson’s question, rather than calling him names?

          • Justin Bennett

            “How many Christians do you see strapping a bomb to their chests and blowing up your family?????????????????????????”

            This was my comment damnit!!

  • Kirk

    Well done! Spoken like a true American. I’m up here in Wyoming or I’d come to your class just to be there. God bless you folks.

    • Dave

      I’m all in with him,Crockett, and I’m from New York just south of Buffalo and I’d love to attend this mans call !

  • C A Skinner

    Gotta love him.

    • Randy Greenbaum

      Hey C A Skinner, I hope you’re broad cause what you’re saying sounds kinda queer.

      • C A Skinner

        Not a broad but I am a lady.



    • Deb

      he wouldnt last a week in office he is a racist pig he isnt American he is a wanna b one a real american dont do crap like this ask who are the true americans NATIVE AMERICAN ????? COME ON NOW GO BACK TOO GERMANY WHERE YOUR HERITAGE IS FROM OR WAS IT FROM RUSSIA? NAZI

      • red neck

        take it easy deb. i’ve got jenny craig coming over to see if she can get a buck fifty off your fat behind!

    • Randy Greenbaum

      But can he siffer?

  • Kayla

    Haha, thanks for a good laugh. I can’t believe people are actually this ignorant.

    • Deb


    • Randy Greenbaum

      Its Texas what do you expect.

  • Hunter Farmer

    Ignorant because you disagree with him or because he is exercising his 1st Amendment right? I find you progressives always lead with an insult and never with an intelligent opinion or counter argument.

    • Randy Greenbaum

      Ignorant because he’s breaking the laws of the nation, and if he does not want to follow the laws of America he can leave it!! beside we all ready have a Charlie Daniels don’t need a look a like.

  • ginny

    we need to protect our America.

    • Randy Greenbaum

      Do like I did in 1971 enlist.

  • Ian Marullo

    Lets make this clear to all of you redneck Teabaggers. I can just tell your republican. Not all Muslims are terrorist. We have one of the most safest governments in the world. You think the President is a Terrorist. He has documents proofing that hes born here. Now all y’all rednecks that don’t have a clue of what im saying Not all Muslims are terrorist!!!!

    • jerseygirl

      Let me make this clear to YOU: I’m a first generation AMERICAN and a proud Republican. Don’t judge a “redneck” until you’ve met one because one of these “good ole’ boys” may just save your ignorant ass one day. The terrorists who hate our great country are all around us and no muslim should be trusted-check your history book. Prime example: Active Army “Maj.” Nidal Hasan, MURDERED 13 people in cold blood and injured dozens more in a psychotic rampage at Ft. Hood, TX in 2009. He doesn’t deserve to be addressed as a member of the military! I’m disguted by this piece of excriment who’s being physically protected and getting the fullest defense the law can provide because of his “muslim” status (all at the taxpayers expense). Too bad the cop that wounded him didn’t shoot him in the head like he deserved. A slow death would have been too good for this piece of human garbage. If I had committed that despicable deed, I’d be on death row right now. Make your statement to the families and loved ones of those victims and then tell me we are racist in being wary of muslims. They are trying to take over our great nation, and I’ll be DAMNED if we let them. Hmmmffff….you’re brainwashed to believe that Obi-wan, the “anointed one” is an American citizen. He is anti-American and has done nothing to preserve the greatness of our nation. He was born in Kenya…his wife even stated that it was his homeland. That Hawaiian birth certificate is a fake. Sorry, you’re not pulling the wool over my eyes on that one. I want him OUT in 2012, lest we let this great nation fall to ruins. Thanks to Obi-wan, no one in the world respects us now. Seems to me that YOU are the clueless one.

      • Jersey girl, well spoken, you covered just about everything I was thinking. I just want to add that until the muslim community, as a whole, publicly denounces radical islam and sharia law, they will not and can not be trusted. They are the only ones allowed in the mosques. They know which mosques in America are recruiting and training terrorists and how they are funded. They know what is going on, yet they remain silent. When they can chose to be a true American, they chose to be silent. Muslims will always side with another muslim over a Christian. They may not speak it, but their silence speaks for them.
        For all of the ignorant comments calling Mr Crockett a racist, please educate yourselves. It’s not your fault that you don’t know what is going on. I don’t think Jerry Springer ever covered the topic. But luckily, I have included a website for you to educate yourself on sharia law and the muslim brotherhood. If reading is not your thing, search for “demographics” or “islam children hate” on youtube. Enjoy.

        • Be fruitful and multiply and teach the Gospel.

        • Doug In Mississippi

          Some individuals “get it” and others don’t. Andrea, you “get it”. Mr. Crockett “gets it” too. We are in a war and those that don’t understand are selling our country out.

  • Joel

    Refreshing, an American who says what he means and sticks to his guns (pun intended). Great job!

  • Michael

    I have had just about enough of people pulling the racist card out even in times where it does not apply ( which is most of the time). Not supporting obama does not make you a racist. If an African American did not support Pres. Bush, which alot of them did not, I would not be naive enough to call them a racist. As far as the muslim thing goes,..there are plenty of whites and blacks who have become muslims, so once again I dont see how this man is a racist.

    • Michael, great comment. Thank you.

  • Frank Schneider

    Please let me know where I can send a donation to Crockett Keller.
    As a first generation American I stand by every word in his CC radio ad.

  • it is about time somebody has the balls to stand up,We dont need you ragheads and al-queda assholes over here 911 would not have occured if we had more people like Crockett keller. thank you Mr. Keller and GOD BLESS YOU

  • Randy Greenbaum

    Yeah! Hey Frank Scheider your name sounds like a sour kraute name are you a nazi boy? My daddy fought your kind during the big one, and you say first generation American? wheres your green card boy?

  • James J. Bilenki Jr. (USN. RET.)


    Bless you my friend! Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let the socialist/communists/left wing/liberal nut cases/uber liberals/muslims/minority whiners/anti-gun cry babies or the asinine federal government, state government or local government bust your chops. Tell them all to go piss up a rope and pack sand in their asses. If they don’t like the way our country is, get the Hell back to that third world, slimey, over flowing cesspool of a country you came from. Why did you come here in the first place if you love your muslim slit trench of a country so damn much? Just to cause trouble in the one country that would put up with your bull shit is the only thing I could think of! Oh, and when you do decide to leave, take all your rag headed, sand nigger, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-American military, Anti-gun, goat cheese eating, camel humping, dung cooking, useless race of people with you. And that means Obongo and that ugly, whale assed, hypocritical leach he’s married to. And if “San Fran Nan, Pain In The Ass Pelosi” and the other Obongo toadies want to join you…The more the merrier!
    We didn’t want you here! We don’t want you here! We’ll never want you here! You are not welcome here! You do not fit in in OUR country! And that’s because you don’t want to fit in! You want to be treated special, and you are not! You’re just the opposite! So why stay in a place where you’re not wanted? Leave and don’t come back! Just don’t let the door to the greatest nation on the planet hit you in your ugly, stinking muslim ass on the way out.


    • Tumbleweed

      Thank you for saying what needed to be said, I agree with you completely. Of course, the flower-child population in America will disagree, but their day will come when they have to defend themselves against these wild-eyed terrorists, my door will be closed for them. The rule of the day when this day comes is sink or swim.

  • Amanda

    A founding principle of America is freedom of religion…guess they don’t teach that in those bottom of the barrel Texas schools. If you don’t respect the right of American’s to practice religions other than Christianity as well the whole democracy/various political party thing you are so obviously not a true American.

    • Tumbleweed

      Minor issue, I don’t want any group of Terrorists practicing anything within the borders of our great country. I am not tolerant of terrorists, are you?

    • Amanda, think about it. In what way is Keller deterring a Muslim’s right to Freedom of Religion? Every Muslim not taking his class still has the right to worship as he/she pleases. You are way off base. The objections to training Muslims to carry and conceal a weapon, is I think (not speaking for Keller here) is the government Muslim’s profess loyalty to – Islam.

  • I agree with everything Mr. Crockett says, its time we gave the boot to the Socialists. Big government has to go!

    • Tony

      remember that when you mail your social security check back you bafoon. Or your medicaid, you don’t need any of these social programs. Hospitals, schools they are social engineering right? All you need is a gun and a horse the few remaing teeth you have left to chew your cud.

  • Mr. Keller, I onlt wish that I had your phone number so I could thank you personnaly

  • Earl Lee Swagger

    That’s at-boy Mr. Crockett Keller. I am sure the Department of Public Safety will be on our ass for not teaching non-Christian Arab or Muslim and socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief. As I see it the under Texas laws of trespass and the castle doctrine would apply. Since there have been no complains filed why the Department of Public Safety involved?

    • Earl Lee Swagger: That appears to the the case. There must be a complaint made. No doubt the Southern Poverty Law Center is working on as I type.

  • Tumbleweed

    At some point America will lose its super power status, mostly due to thinking of Jackasses like many that have commented on this article. I am from Texas and I believe in the message that Crockett Keller is attempting to convey. While there are many peace loving Muslims in America at some point we will have to fight Muslims within our borders, make no mistake about it. All of you Flower-Children that believe Freedom is Free you will have a rude awakeing sometime in your life, but it will be too late for you. Chances are you will be given a weapon to defend yourself and your family against Muslim Terrorists, but you will only succeed in shooting yourself since you won’t know how to handle a weapon, pitiful, just pitiful. If you had any gray matter between your ears, you would applaud Crockett Keller.

  • red neck

    keep up the good work crockett. from the swamps of south florida! ” an armed society is a more courteous society” signed RED NECK

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  • charlee

    ian marullo & randy g. I agree that not all muslims are terrorists. but both of you are ignorant because you both agree with what the muslims did to the twin towers that killed thousands of peoplein 9-11. do you really know which muslims are terrorist and which are not. of course you think you do. the neighbors of the murderers of 9-11 thought that the muslims that lived next door to them were a couple of young boys taking flying lessons. nice neighbors.

  • charlee

    michael,I’m with you when it comes to the racial card. not supporting obama doesn’t make people a racist, it’s called people’s choice,like when you vote you choose who you want to vote for, you pick your candidate.

  • skydog

    I just wish our idiot UK politicos would give us our handguns back! Fucking Tony Blair! :o(