Crazy Hairy Ants – Raspberry Ants: Health Risk to Humans – Crazy Ants Killing Birds, Insects, Beehives

A flying insect known as Crazy Hairy Ants (or ‘Raspberry’ named after Tom Raspberry, the man who identified them), are invading gulf coast areas, parts of the southwest and southeast. The ‘Raspberry Ant’ is in Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.   There are “hundreds of millions” of these creatures which are creating a health risk. They are known to transfer pathogens from room to room (happening now at Houston Medical Center), and are killing 90-95% of insects and reptile populations on properties where they exist. They displace birds and are killing beehives. Insecticides work but everyone in your area must also spray diligently. If not, they come back with a vengeance. Read the following. It’s scary. Video below.

Crazy Hairy Ants

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The ants are described as “crazy,” because of the speed at which they randomly scatter, super-fast as compared to other ant species. They are referred to as “hairy,” because of a fuzz that coats their abdomen, not apparent to the naked eye.

The ants have been reported to have invaded homes and industrial areas in both urban and rural settings. They can travel in common items, such as plants, hay or cargo containers and, the next thing you know, they are invading a new landscape. They are a threat to industrial plants, because the death of one ant can cause a chemical cue for the rest of the colony to attack.

“The other ants rush in,” Roger Gold, an entomology professor at Texas A&M,told CBS News. “Before long, you have a ball of ants.”

Exterminator Tom Rasberry found the first of the ants in Texas, in the Houston area, in 2002. “We’re kind of going for overkill on that particular site because so much is at stake,” he told CBS News, referring to a computer system controlling pipeline valves. The system shorted out, he said, twice in approximately 35 days. “If that shuts down, they could literally shut down an entire chemical plant that costs millions of dollars.”…

Unlike some species, these ants do not dig anthills. They prefer living in sheltered, moist spots. And, they eat almost anything, plant or animal.

Thanks to David Lemon, Master Sculptor for this story.

Crazy Hairy Ants (video)

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  • I used to kill major ant attacks in CA with Windex… they don’t like it AT ALL

    No poisons in the house, and they don’t come back on that trail… I’ll tell you that

  • I’ve been reading about them. Hopefully they won’t be able to live in colder climates. One of our favorite things about North Idaho is the lack of weird bugs and insects.

    • I agree, Adrenne… living in Montana I feel the same.. we have no insect noises here.. I did find a brown spider in my basement.. that scares me… bigtime.