Citadel Cadets Applaud Romney’s Promise to Never Apologize for America Video

Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) spoke before Military cadets at the Citadel in South Carolina and criticized Barack Obama, saying the administration’s policies of the last three years were “feckless.” Hear the applause when Romney says he wil never apologize for America, and if we “do not want America to be the strongest Nation on earth,” he is not the President we want – we have that President today.” See the video below.

Mitt Romney

“I believe we are an exceptional country with a unique destiny and role in the world,” Romney said, with an audience of cadets sitting behind him. “Not exceptional, as the president has derisively said, in the way that the British think Great Britain is exceptional or the Greeks think Greece is exceptional. In Barack Obama’s profoundly mistaken view, there is nothing unique about the United States.”

Romney criticized the president on cutting the defense budget, as well. “I will reverse President Obama’s massive defense cuts,” he said. “I will begin reversing Obama-era cuts to national missile defense and prioritize the full deployment of a multilayered national ballistic missile defense system.”

According to VerumSerum (and thanks to them for the video) it was not a mandatory event for Citadel cadets to attend, but you can see a large crowd cheering on Romney’s validation of America as the best, great hope of the World.

At the Citadel, the largest campus club is the Republican Club. Read more at Gateway PunditRead the entire Romney transcript at RedState.



Mitt Romney at the Citadel (video)

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  • Funny. He’s constantly making apologies for RomneyCare and abortion and his blunders on the Second Amendment. 8 ]

    Imperfect though he is, I could still support him for various critical reasons: From the top, I think he is an honorable man who would be careful to follow the Law.

    I think Romney truly loves this country and would, as CinC, protect it and that he would have the enthusiastic support of our military servicemen all through the ranks.

    I think that on the Constitution he can be lead, coaxed and pushed in the right direction by an aggressive constitutionalist Congress and States if we get our act together.

    On the domestic economy, he and his team would be infinitely better than the effete idiots now pretending to be in charge. (Er, did that sound bitter?)

    Thanks Maggie!

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