Can Cain Spell Iraq? Can Obama Say Corps? Can Obama Spell Pearl Harbor?

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir asked some unknown on his show if she thinks Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain can “spell Iraq.” Herman Cain, an accomplished businessman, would be bored senseless to sit and read a rolling teleprompter to hit his talking points, as does Bashir. Can Obama say the word “corps,” after saying it incorrectly more than once, in front of the entire country? Who could have imagined a Commander-in-Chief who couldn’t see the word “corps” on a telepromter, and not know how to pronounce it? Now that Obama has been president for almost three years, does he now know how many American states we have? Has Obama learned that an American president NEVER bows to foreign leaders? Does Obama understand why the Japanese would not let him apologize for Hiroshima. Can Obama spell Pearl Harbor? See the video below.

Herman Cain


For the record, Cain received a Masters degree in computer science from Purdue while working full-time for the Department of the Navy as a ballistics analyst. He went on to be CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, CEO of the National Restaurants Association, chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, and has served on the Board of Directors for major companies including Nabisco and Whirlpool.

By contrast, according to Wikipedia, Bashir studied English and History at King’s College in London; no degree was listed. He has been a journalist ever since.

What a disgrace that Bashir cannot give Herman Cain, or any Conservative, a fair assessment, and then do the bashing.

Martin Bashir on Herman Cain and Iraq (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Bashir is simplya batshi* crazy Leftwing loon who probably couldn’t spell chit if he had a hand full of it.
    All it takes today to be a so called journalist is a big mouth and a Leftist narrow mind. That fits Batshi* perfectly.

    I studied English and History at ETSU, does that make me a journalist? At least I earned a degree albeit in Psychology with history and English as second and third majors. Still doesn’t make me a journalist now does it. I do believe that I can say that I am much more open minded and much more honorable than Batshi*.