Bruce Bellott: We Ain’t Goin’ Away Video: New ‘We The People’ Song

My friend Carl Middleton tipped me on this new music video by Bruce Bellott: We Ain’t Goin’ Away. Note the “infidel” sweatshirt. You’ll see “The American Burqa Girls” in the video. I haven’t found any background on them. If you have info, please share it with me. Love the song.

Bruce Bellott

Bruce Bellott: We Ain’t Goin’ Away (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • So that’s who they are. “The American Burqa Girls” I love the idea. Thanks Maggie.

  • The “Silent Majority” isn’t silent any more!

  • Love it! Great song.

  • Azygos

    Love this song. I predict it will be a feature of many future TEA Party events.

  • Brad Gudgeon

    My wife and I wrote the song in late March of 2010 when Bruce Bellott asked me to write a rally song for the Tea Party movement.

    The American Burqa Girls are from the Napa Tea Party in CA.

    Bruce travels all over the country singing this and many other songs.

    He can be contacted at

  • Brad Gudgeon

    Forgot to mention that my wife and I sing back up on the song. To hear our other songs like Freedom Road, I Don’t Know My Country Anymore,Liberty and our version of We Ain’t Goin’ Away go to
    The album is called Snapshot of America.

    Bruce Bellott is co-writer on Ol’ Man Rockin, Liberty and Heartbreak City.

    I can be contacted at