Bob Beckel Life Saved by Roger Ailes Eric Bolling with Heimlich Manuever

Earlier this week, The Five member, Eric Bolling (one of my favorite Fox Business News anchors), sat in for another Fox host. At the end of the program, he said had to hurry over to The Five set, and he hoped the door was still unlocked. When he got there, of course, the door was locked and you could see the back of a security guard waving him away. Next shot: Big Bob Beckel in the security guard jacket, sitting at a desk stuffing down doughnuts. Flash forward to today: Fox’s Roger Ailes treated The Five members to lunch, where Bob Beckel choked, for real, on a shrimp. Ailes began Heimlich, and Bolling finished it, with Beckel ejecting the offending bite. The video below recounts the event. See, Conservatives every human life.

Roger Ailes

Eric Bolling

Bob Beckel

Conservatives Roger Ailes and Eric Bolling Save the Life of Liberal Bob Beckel (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Why Ailes dotes on this ass beats me. Otherwise, no comment.

  • He’s lucky… I had that happen once when I was in my house out in the middle of no where Montana. I didn’t swallow something, I had an allergic reaction to some carrots.. it doesn’t happen but rarely but my throat seized up, and I couldn’t breath in… I was starting to panic at the kitchen sink, looking out at the vast prairie and mountains out my window.. I thought I’m going to die. Then I realized, I’m alone, and I had to calm myself. So I just relaxed, and tried to breath in slowly.. eventually I was ok.. but man did I drop to my knees and say a long prayer of thanks.

  • Why did he do that? Bob Beckele should have met his Maker and start explaining his actions.

    • ExAFCrewDog

      I think decisions about who and when folks meet their Maker are always best left to their Maker. And folks who claim to believe in Him should practice what His Son taught.

      I could do without Beckel’s whining and his echoing of DNC talking points, but that’s Ailes’ decision. I don’t care for pundits, be they liberal or conservative, who never seem to offer any ideas of their own or have original thoughts. The art of debate has been lost. Somewhere along the campaign trails.

      • I agree Ex… We don’t want to sound like the libs who think nothing of calling for someone’s head to be chopped off… Conservatives can survive and conquer on just pressing forward with the truth and with legal action such as voting the bums out.. 🙂

  • I don’t have anything to say. . . I was told by my dad (a wise man) “when you don’t have anything good to say – say nothing at all.”