Bill Ayers and His Mao Hat Occupy Chicago – Teaches Revolution

In this video, Bill Ayers shows up at an Occupy Chicago discussion on Revolution. He dings Barack Obama for drone strikes and killing Americans. One man asks if the “Occupy” movement should try to find common ground with the Tea Party. In Ayer’s answer he says the Tea Party is “nonsensical” and “puffed up with false stupidity,” and, of course…the Tea Party is “racist.” He is asked if he thinks a non-violent revolution can be successful?

Bill Ayers at Occupy Chicago

Another part of the Occupy Chicago story is the storming of the Chicago City Hall yesterday, lead by two activists, Joe Isobaker and Andy Thayer who are under investigation by the FBI. Read that story at RebelPundit.

Remember, Weather Undergrounder Ayers was involved in the death of police Sergeant Brian McDonnell in San Francisco. Nine were injured. One was forced to retire due the extent of his wounds. The case was reopened in Spring of 2009.

Bill Ayers Teach-In, Occupy Wall Street (video)

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