Abdulaziz Mubarak Al-Shammari Rattled American Airlines Cockpit Door Flight 1936: Passenger Rodney Bailey Intervened

Abdulaziz Mubarak Al-Shammari (or maybe AlShammari), a Saudi man, tried to get into the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 1936 (some reports say it was American Eagle Flight 4305), from New York to Indianapolis, where the flight landed safely. Al-Shammari, 20, reportedly said he is a student at the University of Indianapolis, but the University says it has no record of his enrollment. Passenger Rodney Bailey intervened and walked al-Shammari back to his seat. He told a news crew the man had “tried this twice.” Bailey said he has traveled “all over the world.” “I’m not going to die over a cornfield in Indiana.”


Passengers said Alshammari walked to the front of the plane, then to the rear, before strolling again to the front. When he got there, he appeared to be looking for a door and started tugging on the locked cabin door.

Capt. James K. Kolostyak heard someone trying to open the cabin door and saw the interior door light come on, according to the report. He called a flight attendant on the plane’s phone system to ask what was happening.

The attendant was at the back of the plane serving passengers at the time. A passenger in seat 4B, Rodney Bailey approached Alshammari, grabbed his arm and led him back to his seat, 13B…

Alshammari said he flew from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Doha, Qatar, to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York before heading to Indianapolis.

Abdulaziz Mubarak Al-Shammari is not on a terrorist watch list, and no charges were filled. So what is he doing in this country?

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  • Michael

    The article states this was an American Airlines flight from NYC to IND, Flt 1936 yesterday. AA flight 1936 operates daily between LAX and SFO at 12:35p to 1:25p and arrived yesterday in SFO at 2:14p.

    There are no other airlines that operate a flight 1936 between NYC and IND.

    The only commercial passenger flights that arrived in the 10:00p to 11:00p time frame where two Shuttle America flights, one operating for Delta and one American Eagle flight. Again none were designated as flight 1936.

    It looks like the reporter is a little confused about the details.

    • Michael, it appears that the flight was American Eagle #4305. I tried that flight number from JFK to Indianapolis and it does exist, but all the reports are still saying it was 1936. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Like many other illegal aliens from Saudi Arabia they put in for a visa to attend a college or university, then do what they want to do.

    This time this flight was lucky. But why wasn’t he arrested. Trying to enter a cockpit is a felony.

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