What if: What If America’s Response to 9/11/01 Had Been a Total Response?

What if President Bush’s response to 9/11/01 had been a righteous and total response? Where would America be today? What if…within just a years after September 11, 2001 America had tamped-down the Koran in major way? What if, just shortly after 9/11/01, we had done this:

What if?

Hiding in an Afghan village in the Swat Valley, bin Laden for two months maintained radio contact with his sympathizers and enablers in the Pakistani government and in Kabul. On November 4th, when our intelligence had confirmed his location and that of his enablers and protectors in Pakistan, the village was vaporized with a battlefield nuclear projectile mounted on a drone fired from a nuclear submarine patrolling the Indian Ocean, the Patrick Henry.

A great hole was dug in the middle of Karachi when three more of the missiles, launched consecutively by the submarine, were targeted on the Pakistani intelligence headquarters. Stealth bombers also reduced to glass Pakistan’s nuclear fuel processing plants and much of its nuclear weapons arsenal. Pakistan subsequently descended into an anarchy which continues to this day. India’s military has turned back hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis looking for refuge in India, often having to fire on crazed mobs. It is thought that all of bin Laden’s lieutenants, including the hierarchy of the Taliban, perished in the Afghan blast, because nothing has been heard from bin Laden, Al Qaeda or the Taliban since then.

On the same day, Kabul, capital of Afghanistan and held by the Taliban, was similarly razed.

There is much more: Gaza, Lebanon, Israel, the UK, France….

The above is a scenario laid out by Edward Cline at The Rule of Reason. This is a fascinating, unfortunately fiction, account of what might have been. As I read it, the thing prime in my mind was the number of Americans who would be alive today, would be unmaimed today. The thousands unsacrificed for American freedom because we did the most we could do, to see that it never happens again. That because of a scenario like that laid out above, everyone around the world would be safer and living more peacefully.

I hope you will click the link above and read this inspirational story of what could have been, had only we had half the courage we had after Pearl Harbor.

Thanks to Don Laird writing at 1389Blog. Thanks to Winds of Jihad for the graphic

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Don Laird

    Bravo Maggie!!!….Bravo!!!!

    Excellent Post!!!!

  • Oh if we could only go back in time and do this. But we in the West have been shackled with the idea that if an civilian gets hurt we are bad people. We didn’t have this idea in WW 2. And we shouldn’t have it now. So-called collateral damage is Bull! The enemy knows we won’t attack civilians, so they hide behind them. It must stop. Attack the enemy where they hide, civilians be damned!

  • That is indeed what we should have done.

    I would go so far as to say that the very first action should have been mass deportation of Muslims, even those who have taken an oath of citizenship despite their beliefs in Islamic doctrine, with an exception made for anyone who had the courage to publicly apostatize from Islam.

  • Maybe after the 2012 election … we will get a leader like J.F.K. or Reagan who will look eyeball to eyeball with our enemies instead of bowing to them like the trader in the White House does now.

  • After reading this work of fiction … it still sounds to me like a good plan.