Watch a Master Work: David Lemon Simply Awesome

By now you are probably familiar with my online friend David Lemon who is a master sculptor – artiste extraordinaire. His bronzes are in galleries across the nation, in private collections and some stand as memorials on city plazas. The Plains Warrior in the video below is a particularly beautiful piece and the detail is mind-boggling. It’s as easy as falling off a log for David Lemon’s critical eye. Enjoy!

Visit David’s website, Clay to Bronze – find links to his private gallery showings and his online gallery.

David Lemon – Plains Warrior (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook


  • Beautiful!!!

  • Thank you Maggie.. I’m back to the studio to finish two more clays for the foundry tomorrow.. Nice surprise..

  • Hi Maggie …

    “A master sculptor – artiste extraordinaire.” Oh how right you are.

    I want to thank you Maggie for encouraging Peggy and me to go out to Ennis, Montana and visit David’s studio this past spring. What a beautiful valley he lives in. He was so gracious, took us to lunch and spent four hours of his time just being a friend.

    Not only does he have a keen eye for such detail on his masterpieces, he has a quick wit, a friendly smile and a heart as big as his beloved Montana. And he loves God too. We have been to Montana three times now, but meeting David made this last trip the best of the three.

    I am glad you are giving your readers another chance to meet a real American talent.

    God bless you Maggie …