Twin Tower Movie Montage Tribute: Twin Tower Cameo

Watch the World Trade Twin Towers play a part in the movies of the past. Fascinating. See Ava Gardner, King Kong, Superman, The Wiz, Bruce Willis, so many. The movie name is seen on the screen. So sad the towers were not built back exactly as they were. What a tribute that would have been. What a thumb in the eye to the Koran’s calls for death that would have been.

World Trade Center, Twin Tower


Seeing how directors frame their shots to perfectly capture the Towers is an amazingly effective way to remind us just how iconic they were.

The video, edited by Dan Meth, shows everything from shots of them still under construction in 1972’s The Hot Rock, to Snake Plisken landing atop one in Escape from New York, to little, lost Kevin McCallister visiting them in Home Alone 2. Meth describes his video like this:

Twin Tower Cameos from Dan Meth on Vimeo.

Twin Towers Montage – Movie Cameos (video)

Thanks to Judy!

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  • i would like to join the 911 tribute with my towers video…this song was written because of 911 enjoy…

    • Thank you for that link.. great song.. well done.

  • Ran

    Almost exactly 10 years ago I was at the base of WTC. Knocked on the steel of the soaring white exoskeleton. Thursday evening. There was a great bar around the corner that catered to a wealthy Scotch crowd. We were after a prized 20 year old small-batch Macallan.

    Within the week our lives changed forever.

  • this sucks

    this really sucks