TSA Ruben Orlando Benitez Murdered Stacey Wright? Top TSA Agent Arrested

Ruben Orlando Benitez, a top Transportation Security Administration official has been arrested for the stabbing death of TSA Agent Stacey Wright, 43, although some reports say the manner of death has not been reported. A $3 Million bond has been set. Mrs. Wright was separated from her husband, Lt. Anthony Wright, a Mississippi Highway Patrolman. It is believed Wright and Benitez were having an affair. Benitez, 45, is married.

Ruben Orlando Benitez

News of the arrest of one of TSA’s top officials in Mississippi came the same day the Violence Policy Center issued a report that found 93 percent of women are killed by someone they know, “most often a spouse or intimate acquaintance.”

Stacey Wright

Wright was found dead in her apartment. I’m reading that she was “a young mother,” but have found no confirmation.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • j Rodriguez

    Yes, TSA officer Stacy Wright had two children, son in 20’s and daughter a senior in high school. Her husband was Lt. in the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

    The murderer leaves a wife in Chicago with two school age daughters. He had worked for Walgreen’s before being a TSA manager at O’Hare and then took transfer to MS for promotion to AFSD for screening.

    • j Rodriguez, thanks for that clarification. Tragic thing. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

  • MississippiTSAEmployee

    Benitez has been working with TSA for many years. Rodriguez left a part out about Benitez’s career history. He started out as a TSO and rose through the ranks to finally being the AFSD in Mississippi.

    Yes, Wright has two children but she was separated from her husband.