Tony Bennett: US Caused 9/11: We Bombed. They told Us to Stop. Who Were We Bombing Before the Iraq War?

Singer Tony Bennett told Howard Stern this week the jihadists who flew the planes into the World Trade Towers in 9/11/01 did so because “we were bombing them and they told us to stop.” Who were we bombing in 2001 before 9/11/01? Is he talking about Operation Desert Storm, 1990-91, when Iraq invaded their Muslim neighbors in Kuwait? Where Hussein was guilty of 16 violations of law of war in the Hague and Geneva? Where Hussein amputated limbs, used electric drills and acid baths on fellow Muslims; where he rubbed Kuwaiti humans down with sandpaper, raped and pillaged, and thousands simply disappeared? In that war where Palestinians were given weapons by Iraq, and where they killed the Kuwaitis with whom they had lived side-by-side with for years, all for Saddam Hussein. If we had bombed and killed Hussein then, there would have been no Oil for Food scandal – with Saddam Hussein stealing food and medicine from the mouths of the Iraqi people. There would have been no sanctions on the people of Iraq. Is Tony Bennett ignorant of world affairs or just a doddering old fool?

These Hijackers Told Us to Stop

Bennett also rhetorically asked: “are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists?” Today he is apologizing. Sorry Tony, we know these appalling liberal apologies are cheaper than Democrat philanthropy. Botice in the video, he is not shy, unsure, doddering or hesitant, as he says what he says.

Leading up to the 1990 Gulf War, we had American hostages held in Iran, but we didn’t drop a bomb. We had multinational forces in Lebanon, at their request, to move the PLO out, and return the government to some measure of sovereignty. Libya bombed a town in Sudan and both Sudan and Egypt asked for assistance. Chad asked for help to save them from Libya. Egypt tried to fly the hijackers of the Achilles Lauro to safety (an American died brutally at their hands), and eventually Reagan bombed Tripoli for the Libyan bomb that killed two U.S. soldiers Europe.

Bennett is promoting his new album, Duet II, featuring Lady Gaga and the recently deceased Amy Winehouse. That’s how an old guy sells an album these days. I hope no grandmas find Duet II under their Christmas Tree.


Stern tried to point out that it was the 9/11 hijackers that flew the planes into the World Trade Center, Bennett said;“They flew the plane in, but we caused it. Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.”

At the end of the video you’ll hear the ABC anchor say Bennett told Stern that in 2005, George W. Bush told him going into Iraq was a mistake.

Tony Bennett: Terrorists Told Us to Stop Bombing (video)

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  • Ran

    Right… and where was Bush when Saladin went berserk?

  • Tony Bennett, I met him in the early 90s when he was doing a showing of his artwork in the same building I was showing my artwork at a different gallery. He’s an amazing singer, and artist, but commentator.. not so much.