Tim Scott: Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act H.R. 2587

A few months ago we heard the ludicrous news that the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) was fighting the opening of a new Boeing plant in South Carolina. A plant opening in a right-to-work state is an “unfair practice.” Freshman Congressman Tim Scott (R-SC) has introduced H.R. 2587, the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act. We need all the protection we can get from this bunch of imperialistic nutjobs, known as the Obama administration.

Tim Scott

Daily Caller:

The International Association of Machinists union argues that Boeing located the assembly line in South Carolina to avoid labor laws, even though no Washington State employees have lost their jobs as result of the decision…

The GOP leader [Eric Cantor] says Scott’s bill “would take the common sense step of preventing the NLRB from restricting where an employer can create jobs in the United States.”

The NRLB was birthed from Executive Order 6763 in 1934 (Franklin D. Roosevelt). They are a 5 person board appointed by Barack Obama. They are an independent government agency – but not so very independent, because they get their job from the president. The NRLB conducts union elections, oversees perceived “unfair labor practices,” and protect employees from employer retribution.

In this case, the NRLB is attempting to protect unions at the Boeing plant in Washington state. Their position is once a company has a union plant anywhere in the U.S., that company no longer has the right to move to a right-to-work state. One of South Carolina’s defenses is that no jobs were lost in Washington state, but why should that defense be necessary? It’s far past time to put a boot on the throat of unions.

This is another case of unelected bureaucrats running amuck. Does this type of tyranny happen often?

[Senator Jim] DeMint remains infuriated with the National Labor Relations Board for bullying Boeing. “This situation borders on tyranny,” he says. “If an unelected, unaccountable, unconfirmed bureaucrat can threaten thousands of jobs and a billion-dollar investment, after the facility is virtually complete, it smacks of a Third World–type dictatorship.”…

“I have seen a lot of absurd things come out of this administration,” DeMint sighs. “But the absurdity here is pretty amazing. This involves the right of a company to decide where to locate its business. I cannot believe that the president has not spoken out about it. This kind of thing should not happen in America.” Source: National Journal

Senator DeMint can’t believe Obama has not spoken about this. Obama was probably in the meeting when the decision was made. Simple legislation – the government cannot interfere with American jobs. That should be the American way. We should not need legislation. This will be a major piece of legislation for Congressman Scott. Excellent for a freshman.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • With men like Tim Scott and a few others in Washington … maybe there is hope for America after all.

    • Carl, Scott is one of the Freshman who joined with other newbies and went to the Chapel to pray about the debt deal. Hope you and Peggy have a really nice holiday weekend.

  • What would the NLRB do if Boeing decides to move the plant to Mexico?

    To think that in American a 5 member panel of appointed bureaucrats can tell a business where they can and cannot build a plant.

    • BobF, The DOJ just prevented AT&T from bringing 5,000 jobs back from somewhere abroad to the U.S. Incredible!

      Do you remember how Bush kept so many of Clinton’s appointees, and practically everyone at State? We cannot let that happen if we take the presidency. The new president must clean house in all these agencies.

      Hope you have a good holiday weekend.

  • Wonder where Bonehead was on this and why he hasn’t submitted legislation to stop government interference. Guess it took a true conservative to realize and understand that the Constitution is being deleted on a daily basis by this administration.