The Photo: Obama Bush – Obama and the Soup Kitchen

When I first saw this photo at Rush Limbaugh’s site, I was stunned at the contrast, and I wondered whether it was photoshopped, but we have seen Obama in this pose several times during his presidency. The photo has not been tinkered with. Another striking thing was seeing the difference between George and Laura Bush at Shanksville, at the Flight 93 Tenth remembrance ceremony, and Obama and his wife at Shanksville. On September 10th, Obama worked in a soup kitchen. Apparently, there were not enough people to dish up the soup, so the president wanted to make a difference. Surely someone would have stood-in for him. Have to ask, how many would not have gotten soup had he not been there? At Shanksville on that same day, President Bush spoke along with Joe Biden and Bill Clinton. There are several photos of Laura Bush wiping the tears away. Morph to September 11, and we see BO and MO walking through the hallowed ground, which has just opened to the families – the place where United Flight 93 plowed into the ground at 600 miles an hour – heroes aboard saying the lives of only God knows how many in Washington, D.C. MO has shed her chic little cardigan by that time, and is sleeveless. She is not 16, but she is shameless.

President Bush, head bowed, is clearly praying. Obama is clearly doing something. Michelle’s head isn’t bowed either, but to be fair, I did see photos of the three, along with Laura Bush, with heads bowed for all four.

Commentary from Rush, and he’s talking about how cruelly George W. Bush was treated by the Left while in office:

They did assassination movies and books about George W. Bush. There’s a picture. I don’t know if you’ve seen the picture: Bush and Obama standing side by side while a memorial service is going on, prayer taking place. Bush is appropriately bowing his head. Obama is looking up at his son: God — or, if you want, his father. But it’s not an accident. Now, some people have said Obama looks like he’s trying to figure out what he’s gonna wear on the golf course later. But, no. Obama has this habit of looking up and looking up above everyone and Bush is bowing his head. Obama’s eyes are closed looking up. That’s quite striking. I think it’s quite, quite telling.

They got all over Bush. He didn’t leave the school the moment he heard. He didn’t come back to Washington soon enough. Remember Peter Jennings saying, “Ah, you know, some presidents are just better at this than others,” in expressing his disapproval the way Bush was handling the post-9/11 period. Then they said it was all his fault, not the Clintons’. And then they said he was violating civil rights, that he was listening in on liberals’ phone calls and wiretapping their lives. He was rounding up citizens. He was torturing. He was invading your library records. And we had ten years of no attacks.

When Islamic terrorists hit us on September 11, 2001, along with getting their share of 72 virgins, part of their plan was to convince Muslims around the World that America was to blame for repressing Muslims in Muslim countries. Far too many Americans have bought into that, but none – not a single one, can cite how we have repressed and occupied. Don’t bother mentioning Iraq and Afghanistan. Tell me where we have occupied, built our businesses, taken from the people, and established ourselves permanently? So to commemorate the terrible thing that Islamists did on that beautiful September morning, Obama served in a soup kitchen and said it was “what the spirit of remembering 9/11 is all about.” While that statement is fundamentally dishonest, we know that is his goal. Remember 9/11 as a day to help others, not a day to remember the dead, and the maimed, and the burned and those never found. And most of all, don’t give a thought to who committed the jihad against America. Oh no, don’t think about that. See a video of Obama and the Soup Kitchen at Freedom’s Lighthouse.

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  • The photo of Bush and Obama was on the front page of my local paper this morning. Obama’s nose in the air was the first thing I noticed. I hadn’t seen the shot of MO with her sleeveless dress. WTF?

    • I’d pass out if my local liberal rag EVER put that pick on the next to the back page, bottom left.

    • Shows Bush’s humble nature, and Obama’s arrogance

  • Obama assumed his Messiah pose while George W. Bush humbled himself before the Lord.

    One thinks he is G-d, the other knows he is mortal.

    • The difference is so marked. I never like to challenge a person’s spirituality because I don’t know what is between him and G-d, far be it from to judge something unseen, but we can “see” in photos like this, and the detached way he read the scriptures was eerie.

  • “…but to be fair, …”

    Hey, now is no time for that. 2012 is for all the marbles!

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • LibertyAtStake, I know, I can’t stop myself. I would have had trolls leaving all the links I’ve already seen.

  • they were right next to me at the Memorial..contrast indeed!

  • I find it stark contrast, and the only people I have ever seen that pray with their heads up are TV evangelists of the low order. I also heard that the WH dot gov site declared September 11th as Grandparents’ Day.

    They sure are trying to scrub 9/11 as fast as they can…

  • Arrogant bastard!

  • nate banner

    nic dto see obama can celebrate the fact we have soup kitchens instead of finding a solution to getting rid of the,,,,,this is not russia its the united states help our citizens(legal citizens) first stop sending all our money overseas and fix whats wrong with our country FIRST!!!!!!!!

  • nate banner

    nic to see obama can celebrate the fact we have soup kitchens instead of finding a solution to getting rid of the,,,,,this is not russia its the united states help our citizens(legal citizens) first stop sending all our money overseas and fix whats wrong with our country FIRST!!!!!!!!