The Golden Veil Movie: The Iranian Hostage Movie

I received an email asking me to spread the word about the movie, The Golden Veil, which I’m told is the first movie about the Iranian hostage crisis. I believe it is out on DVD. I’m not familiar with this work or the people behind it. I was asked to subscribe to a YouTube channel and spread the word about the video.  The email said “I am an Iranian film maker. PLEASE support me in my fight against The Islamic Republic of Iran…Bahman Nassiri – Executive Producer – The Golden Veil LLC,” and it said Iran is trying to stifle the film. So, two videos below, the first the trailer, the second a 28-minute segment of the film. Visit the Golden Veil website here.

The Golden Veil

A turn around the blogosphere yields only one article (a review) that offers a clue to the unseen movie.There seems to be a lot of true intrigue about this film. Hints that it is somewhat biographically-tied to producer and actor Bahman Nassiri, and…a Masonic-House of Rothschild plot.

Bahman Nassiri

Well, okay, the videos will not load, so find the trailer here and the 28 minute segment here.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook


  • Thank you for the review Maggie,
    I am the man himself – Bahman Nassiri – and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the film.
    You can watch the Trailers and movie clips on our main YouTube Channel.
    Just type THE GOLDEN VEIL movie in YouTube search box.

  • This film will mark the end of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). It shows their revolution was a dirty conspiracy.
    The website has been blocked in Iran, and and IRI is trying to block success of the film. I have appeared on 6 Persian satellite t.v.s in L.A., but I need the support of Americans.

    Best thing that could happen is for me to be invited by a famous T.V. Host, but not easy …!