Sunday Faith News/Views 9-4-11: Haifa and Alice Cooper Edition

In News this week are Christian music festivals in Orlando at both Disney World and Universal Studios. I hope they have huge, huge crowds with their stellar lineup of Christian musicians. Meet a Messianic Zionist pastor from Haifa and a Palestinian Christian pastor from East Jerusalem. If you are in Tennessee, there are churches in Chattanooga raising money to fund a high school “Bible History” class. In Views is Carl Middleton’s discussion of science, the universe, and the Creator. A video of rocker Alice Cooper talking about his Christianity, and his foundation to raise responsible and able children.

Haifa, Israel

Beautiful Haifa panorama by Peter Nikolsky’s Photography


Both Disney World and Universal in Orlando are featuring Christian Music festivals. If you are in the area, read about Disney’s Night of Joy and Universals Rock the Universe, both held on September 9-10. Disney 7:30pm – 1am and Universal 4pm – 1 am. Read more here.


A Messianic Zionist Christian from Haifa and a Palestinian Christian from East Jerusalem: Very interesting video interview with two Christian pastor pastors. There is discussion of the holocaust, “it’s not a rosy journey,” says one. May God bless these men and their calling.

Thanks to CBN for this video.


Churches in Chattanooga, Tennessee are raising money for a local high school, Brainerd High, to fund a full time Bible History class. To get them started, the Brainerd Gathering is scheduled for October 2nd.

The “Brainerd Gathering,” scheduled for Oct. 2, from 6-7:30 p.m., will feature a community meal, prayer service and fund-raiser at the Brainerd High School gym. Organizers expect to raise enough money to fund a full-time Bible history teacher at Brainerd High School. Proceeds will be directed to the school through Bible in the Schools, a local nonprofit organization.

“I was thrilled for our students when I learned about this grassroots community effort,” said Brainerd Principal Charles Joynes. “In these tough economic times, how incredible it is that we’re able to offer a more robust curriculum to our students, without worrying about how that would impact our budget. Thank you, Brainerd, for making it possible.”

Visit BibleintheSchools here.


My favorite Christian blogger is Carl Middleton at GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus. The discussion this week is how could the universe be, if not for a creator? How could any universe or galaxy be, if not for a creator? How could there be a Big Bang without some creation reacting to cause it? This is a concise conversation about an age-old question: Can we be, without a creator? As always, Carl supports his remarks with scripture, and this time he says there is one place the doubter will not go, and that is…read it here.


How much do you know about rocker Alice Cooper’s Christianity? Okay, you don’t really want to know, but I found a video of Cooper talking about his Christianity, and I think you will be interested if you have a few minutes to watch. See it here.


In my area of Tulsa, Oklahoma we are finally leaving the heat of one of our hottest summers behind. I’m grateful for that, but surely hate to wish my life away, because the summer we so looked forward to, was too hot to enjoy. Our friends in Texas are facing a long, long drought. I hope that will be over for them soon, even though Tropical Storm Lee passed them by. Prayers going out for the victims of Hurricane Irene – praying their leaders will lead wisely at this time, and the people already in flood zones will rethink their rebuilding options. Have a wonderful and productive week, everyone!

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