Smart Meters: Demand Them Gone! Smart Meters Same as WireTap: Got Your Smart Meter by Implied Consent? Video

Has your electric company installed a Smart Meter at your house? Have they done it with your “implied consent?” If not, do they plan to? Is there something you can do about it? Don’t miss this excellent video of the details of how a Smart Meter can change your life, and thanks to Trevor Loudon at New Zeal Blog and Arlen Williams and Trevor Loudon at Gulag Bound for it. “Implied Consent,” two of the most dangerous words for our future.

Smart Meter

Smart Meters Nothing More Than a WireTap on Your Life (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • A little paranoid if you ask me. How can they tell if you are doing something “in your bedroom” etc. I have a smart meter and also a meter that tells me all that information as well. I can tell how much power a certain room in my house is pulling and at what time. I can tell how may KWH my pool pump is pulling at any given time. I also know when the dang power company cuts the power back on the grid and believe me they do it. So guess my little “smart meter” (cost around 650 dollars) can play the same game.

    I’m not doing anything illegal so why worry what the power company knows.

    • RobertWilliams

      Once you give up your rights to the power company or the government, that is when they have the opportunity to make the laws as unreasonable as they want.

      The founders of this country and all the wars have been to keep the power in the hands of the people, not the government, as is the case with totalitarian governments.

  • Any electrician can tell you that what this man says is not only possible but is taking place.

    You don’t have to be doing anything illegal to fear this device. The time will come that they’ll regulate your electrical usage by this type of device. Soon, incandescent light bulbs will be illegal. This smart meter will be able to detect an incandescent bulb from a government approved bulb.