Siraj Haqqani: Haqqani Network Pornography Ring – Vilest of the Vile

Siraj Haqqani is among the most vile men walking the face of the earth. He is the head of the feared Haqqani Terror Network, which is believed to be working with Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence Agency (ISI). Pakistan denies the claim, just as they deny harboring Osama bin Laden. Admiral Mike Mullen testified recently that after the U.S. supported the ISI with billions of American dollars ($2.6 BILLION 2010 – some say $5 BILLION per year), he now believes the Haqqanis were behind the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and the double-agent suicide bombing deaths of 8 senior CIA agents. The U.S. wants something done about the Haqqani Network, but Pakistani officials have sent notice that they will not be pursuing Siraj Haqqani and his band of heathens. As you’ll hear Charles Krauthammer say in the video below, we went into the War on Terror with Pakistan as our “ally.” The truth is, we couldn’t even pay them to be a true ally. At the end of this post you’ll find information on the Haqqani Pornography Ring – a story reported in early 2010 – terribly disturbing involving young Afghan women going to a clinic for what they thought would be medical care.

Admiral Mike Mullen:

Haqqani network for one acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan’s internal services intelligence agency. With ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted that truck bomb attack as well as well as the assault on our embassy.

From a full transcript of an interview with Admiral Mullen:

Mullen: And I am losing American soldiers. The Haqqanis are killing American soldiers. And from that perspective, I think it’s got to be addressed, which is the reason I spoke to it.

Inskeep: The Pakistani foreign minister said to us earlier this week, of course there are links that our intelligence agency would have with these guys. Your intelligence agency has links with militants. But you used the word “proxies.” You said groups like the Haqqanis were acting as proxies of the Pakistani government. What do you mean in this specific context of these raids that you’re talking about?

Mullen: I mean that the ISI specifically has enough support for the Haqqanis in terms of financial support, logistic support -– and actually, sort of free passage in the safe haven -– and those links are part of what enable the Haqqanis to carry out their mission.

Siraj Haqqani

Christopher Hitchens:

As for Pakistan’s arrogant and insufferable riposte, to the effect that this is all part of its tender concept of its own “internal affairs,” it barely adds insult to injury. On Sept. 12 , 2001, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1368, condemning the attacks on American soil and asserting the universal right of self-defense.

The terms of the resolution explicitly state that those found to be “supporting or harboring the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of these acts will be held accountable.”* This unambiguous language, which secured the votes of Muslim countries like Bangladesh and Tunisia as well as those of the five permanent members of the Security Council and many other nations, deserves to get more repeated exposure than it has been receiving. Pakistan’s provision of a military safe-house for the leader of al-Qaida is as comprehensive a breach of the spirit and letter of Resolution 1368 as could be imagined.

Meanwhile the Haqqani gang, operating in open collaboration with the Taliban of Mullah Omar as well as other insanitary forces, easily meets the definition of an organization that helps sponsor and succor the original perpetrators.

Mullen’s evidence, then, is one of those revelations that appears to necessitate action. Either the Pakistanis must permit an unobstructed run at the Haqqani bases that are used for the subversion of Pakistan as well as the re-Talibanization of Afghanistan, or they must at the very least lose their claim on the U.S. Treasury. At the most, they must take the risk of being identified as allies and patrons of those who deliberately murder coalition forces as well as Afghan and Pakistani civilians. This indictment would easily stretch to cover another gross violation of international law and diplomatic immunity, in that the ISI was also found culpable in the destruction of the Indian Embassy in Kabul in July 2008.

This assessment of Obama’s Afghan war from the AP, September 2011:

The statistics show that the intensity of the nearly decade-old war is growing, not abating, as the U.S. and other nations start to withdraw some forces with an eye toward pulling all combat troops out by the end of 2014. The Taliban’s resilience raises questions about whether the Afghan government and its Western allies have a solid grip on security – and whether the Afghan forces can ever secure the nation by themselves.

A reminder of the 8 CIA agents killed by a Haqqani suicide bomber from Long War Journal:


Siraj described the Jordanian al Qaeda operative and double agent who killed seven CIA personnel and his Jordanian intelligence handler at Combat Outpost Chapman in Afghanistan’s Khost province on Dec. 30 as a “big hero.” The suicide bomber lured CIA officials to a meeting by claiming to have information that would lead to Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s second in command.

“[S]ome of the most senior officials in the American intelligence, the CIA – the best among the intelligence groups – were killed” in the suicide attack, Siraj said. “And those killed in the American intelligence are the group responsible for chasing after the mujahideen in the region, and in particular the mujahideen leaders, and they worked for year in this field to the extent that they had influence in some of the neighboring countries, including Iraq, and after the demise of this group the backbone of the enemy broke and the accurate drone-strike operations against the mujahideen decreased 90 percent…”

Siraj said the CIA “created error in using spies,” meaning that its attempt to turn Jordanian jihadi Abu Dujanah al Khurasani, who is also known as Humam Khalil Muhammed Abu Mulal al Balawi, into a double agent to be used to attack al Qaeda, had failed.

In January 2010, author Brad Thor circulated a video of a pet Siraj Haqqani project, the Haqqani Pornography Ring. The video was smuggled out of Afghanistan by an Imam. It was so disturbing that I wrote this post about Haqqani, but sent readers to  Jihad Watch to view the video and read the comments from the Imam who smuggled the tape out to the West.  After re-watching, I find I still cannot stomach putting it here. Here are a few of Thor’s comments:

Here’s how the Haqqani’s horror films “art” movies are put together. Siraj extorts encourages poor Muslim families to do the “right” thing according to Islam and push their sons into jihad. As their magnanimous benefactor, he then sends Ron Jeremy, Dr. Hassan Duraz into their villages to provide medical care. Duraz sets up clinics and the
villagers pour in, often in desperate need of medical attention. As the
“good” doctor treats them, he keeps his eyes peeled for the cute ones;
the ones with that “something special” that the camera will absolutely

This is who our Military is dealing with and who we are funding.

Admiral Mike McMullen (video)

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