Rush Limbaugh: Focus on Jobs Triple Threat – Higher Taxes, Another Stimulus, Federal Regulations

Bad news is our reality these days. No jobs were created in August 2011, breaking a record going back all the way to February 1945, sticking unemployment stats at 9.1%.  Rush is reminding that we have to stay focused on the triple threat that keeps our unemployment at deplorable levels. Just as President Reagan focused on defeating communism, rebuilding our military and lowering taxes, Speaker Boehner is cautioning us to stay focused on the three job killers: higher taxes, more stimulus and federal regulations.

One issue that brought Rush to this subject was a Washington Post article this week reporting that we paid illegals $4.2 BILLION in per-child tax cuts. Rush is confident that the next president will “fix” immigration. I cannot imagine Republicans electing a president not dedicated to “fixing” it, unless the NRCC pours huge money into a RINO campaign. Even then…doubtful. Here’s Rush on keeping the focus:

We know immigration is a problem and we know that whoever we elect is gonna fix it. We know that whoever we elect and nominate, the odds are is gonna do something about the border. Anything that distracts our effort from the economy, jobs, higher taxes, federal regulations, is not a good thing.

I read an article this week saying that gay activists are readying for the Republican National Convention beginning August 27, 2012 in Tama, and the plan is to disrupt it, paint an ugly picture of Republicans and distract. We know we will have PETA, the Sierra Club, pro-Aborters, atheists and satanists rallying against us. Conservatives won’t care. Perhaps Independents will?

Over the next six, seven months or longer, you’re gonna see ramped-up stores about gay marriage, social issues, illegal immigration, what have you, as a means of distracting the Republican presidential field from jobs, stimulus spending, higher taxes.

I agree that the focus must be ours, but I won’t stop talking about illegal aliens. Most of our candidates seem to stand ready to “fix” it, and that’s a good thing, but immigration is a part of the jobs problems, and a part of our higher taxes, so it is a part of Boehner’s higher tax focus. Illegal aliens cost this country dearly.

 Thanks to Bill Smith and ARRA News Service for the graphic. 

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • All we have to do, is make the campaign slogan.. “Obama is President ‘0’”