Ron Paul Explains Perry Grip

Republicanmother directed me to this video of RonPaul talking about the Reagan Library Republican Debate Wednesday night, and what was going on when Texas Governor Rick Perry gripped Paul at the wrist and wagged a finger in his face during a commercial break. See the video below, and read what was reportedly said here. Read republicanmother’s post on Rick Perry here.

Rick Perry and Ron Paul


Ron Paul Explains the Perry-Moment at Reagan Library (video)

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  • Thanks for the link, Maggie! I got to admit I was wondering what in the world those pictures could have been about. Remember, that this was the first time these two had met. But it just goes to show that images can be deceiving, and had Dr. Paul been the duplicitous type, he could have just let us all think the worst of Rick Perry. I like how instead of going after individuals (like Perry attacking Bernacke as a traitor) he goes after the ideas instead.

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  • Wow, I never knew Paul had such a jovial side!