Rick Perry Sean Hannity: Perry Interview – Romney Obama-lite Video

Texas Governor Rick Perry interviewed with Sean Hannity last night and said Republicans must nominate someone who is starkly different than Barack Obama. I agree with him, and hope in the Fox-Google Republican debate tonight we see clear differences. Here’s the full in interview.

Rick Perry

Perry says Romney’s health care plan cost Massachusetts 18,000 jobs and cost $8Billion. Perry says his plan for Social Security will continue to provide Social Security for anyone on it now, or for anyone approaching Social Security, and has made plans for retirement with Social Security, will continue to have Social Security. Perry says it is a “sacred promise.” He believes there should be a conversation about younger Americans and options to manage their own account, or allow the government to do it for them. He defends his decision to allow illegal children, who were only in Texas for three years, to receive in-state college tuition. He rightly says the need to do so would not have occurred if our borders were secured. He is AGAINST a border fence and says the construction of a fence is “nonsense.” In the second video below from 2009, you hear him say we can defend the border technologically, but we have spent millions (maybe billions) on surveillance equipment that has never worked.

Rick Perry interview with Sean Hannity (video)

Thanks to RightScoop for the first video

Rick Perry: Border Fence is Nonsense (video)

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