Rick Perry Heather Burcham: Gardisil and Reality Videos

Heather Burcham was a Texan. She lent her support to Texas Governor Rick Perry for the Executive Order mandate requiring eleven and twelve year old girls to receive a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. In both videoes, Heather speaks out. In the first video, her family you see just-released photos of some of Perry’s time spent with Heather. Heather died a few months after the events you see. The second video is Ms. Burcham in 2007 speaking about her hope to marry, have children, and what she was still in control of doing with her life.

Heather Burcham and Rick Perry

Here’s my opinion: God bless Rick Perry for trying to comfort Heather Burcham, and for trying to keep others from sharing her fate, but he should have gone through the Texas Congress. An Executive Order should never have been used as a vehicle to mandate a vaccine for something that could not be contracted by being in the public realm, like a classroom. And certainly, an Opt-in option should have been the only option. No matter the best-efforts to keep children safe, this mandating business is a very slippery slope. Education is the right avenue, working with parents – giving them the pertinent information.

I believe our Republican candidate will have warts. It will be our mission to never ignore those warts once he/she moves into the Oval Office. I want the strongest possible candidate to win against Barack Obama. Then we must remain diligent to see that those warts never reaapear. My only real concern about Perry is his record on immigration. He still maintains his DREAM Act is ‘fair,’ and maintains it is very different from Obama’s DREAM Act.

Today, there seems to be no doubt that Heather Burcham would still be alive, living out her dreams of marriage and children, had she had Gardisil available to her.

Rick Perry, Gardisil and Heather Burcham (video)

Heather Burcham (video)

Thanks to RightScoop for the first video, to GovernorPerry for the second, and to Judy W. for the tip!

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • As the daughter of a psychopath, I am totally calling Rick out on the creep that the man truly is. If my dad was in his position, this is exactly what he would do and that goes double if Merck was paying him.

    The majority of money goes to marketing these vaccines, not to their research. The lead researcher on this vaccine resigned over the push to mandate it. It has now been revealed that the money changing hands is much greater than previously reported.

    She died of a misdiagnosis, not because she didn’t get some vaccine, which even the lead researcher has said should only be given judiciously and not en masse.

    As someone who listened to my dad quote Scripture when it served his purpose and then screw my classmates in high school when it suited him, I can tell you that this guy is a certified creep.

    I will write in Ron Paul if he Perry is the nominee.

  • More and more it is being proven that the vaccine works. Doing it by executive order, right or wrong? Not for me to decide. Remember Texas legislature only meets every two years. This was put into effect and would have had to wait a year before it could have been brought to a vote. Something that is conveniently left out of naysayer talking points.

    Criticism of the the education tuition bill, not a Dream Act but of course the naysayers will call it that as they always have, twisting and labeling to confuse an ignorant voter base. Read the bill and tell me it is anything like the Obama Dream Act. It is not, not by a long shot. So far it seems that as many as a whole 11,000(since 2001) have taken advantage of this bill which by the way has to do more with Community Colleges than universities. Unfortunately that is seldom mentioned in the naysayers talking points. Of course it plays well with the uninformed and ignorant masses who unfortunately vote. I suggest reading the so called Dream Act. The one glaring difference, student must apply for citizenship. WOW what a simple item that naysayers overlook. OBTW the bill passed in a large bipartisan vote. Bad for Texas? Most folks who are actually informed don’t think so.

    • ticker, I’ve made clear this is not Obama’s DREAM Act. If Perry wanted to do the same in the U.S. you wouldn’t care? It is for you decide about what is right and wrong with Gardisil. I’ve never known you to not have an opinion.

      • Yea, be sure to help re-elect Obama based on something that you don’t know one thing about,if you would take one minute to be totally honest about it. You make a psychological diagnosis based on what? Are you qualified to do such. I am but yet I tread a very fine line in diagnosing those that I haven’t had a lot of time to study just as I did as a Profiler for one of our intelligence agencies.
        If you are a licensed psychologist then offer what you base your opinion upon other than a terrible experience with your father.
        Thank you for reading.

        • ticker, you certainly have the right to your opinion, including your opinion that I know nothing. I have not decided who I will support for the primaries, but to be sure I will support the person I believe to have the best chance to win against Barack Obama.

          Tell me, what does psychology have to do with this? Oh, okay, are you directing this to republicanmother, or to me, or too both?

          • It was directed to republican mother who seems to be basing her opinion , not on fact but on emotion.
            It has a great deal to do with psychology when one calls someone a psychopath with no real evidence to back up their statement other than emotional issues from childhood. Can’t figure how it got under your post when I hit the reply button under RM’s post. So not directed to you at all.

      • The first reply is to repubicanmother I believe her moniker is.

        Now as to Gardisil. It has been proven to be effective in the HPV area, which is an area I know something about having worked at CDC as a communicable disease investigator a good number of years ago.
        It is now also being recommened by professionals in the field for boys. You see boys also get cancer from HPV’s just as girls do. Venereal Warts have been shown to be cancerous in cases. That is actually not a new thing as it was discussed as far back as the mid 70’s but no such thing as Gardisil was available.
        As I said the executive order was IN ORDER in the case of getting the vaccine out to the public rather than waiting a year for the legislature to take it’s sweet time arguing and debating over it. As it was they vetoed it. How many girls will die because of that decision? I’d rather err on the side of getting things done than to err on delay and costing lives. Now that is my opinion and as my blogs says I’m Jus’Sayin”. A lot won’t like my opinion but that’s ok. I base mine on experience, what do they base their on other than emotion or dislike or even hatred.

    • ticker, my prayers are with your little granddaughter. I know republicanmother and LD will also add theirs. They are both fierce prayer warriors. Rm and Ld, pray for little Elizabeth Drew who was burned on her face and body by a hot cup of coffee today, as ticker’s beautiful daughter was hugging of one of her older children goodbye before school.

    • Ticker,

      Sorry I wasn’t here to respond sooner, but just to let you know, God has healed me of any issues I might of had of growing up with a pathological liar, but it is true that I do take people’s words and actions a little more critically than the average person. I think this is what makes me well suited to researching, however.

      Gardasil protects against four stains of HPV. This accounts for just 4% of all HPV strains. While these might be the ones that account for the most cervical cancer, they most assuredly to not account for all of them. Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers there is. It is tragic that Heather’s life was taken by this illness, but I think that this vaccine will cause young women to skip their pap smears and not be protected from one of the other 96% of HPV viral strains and wind up with advanced cancer anyway.

      It has also been found by Dr.Sin Hang Lee of of SANE vax Inc, a watchdog group that the Gardisil vaccine contains a genetically engineered rDNA of the HPV virus:

      “Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.”

      This is why some girls experience some really tough side effects.

      I remember when I first started going to the OB and asking why my pap was really necessary, was I really at that much risk for cervical risk at my age? (20) It seemed to me that my risk was almost zero and my doctor agreed with me. But pap smears and not being sued into oblivion was his bread and butter.

      That being said, I think that there is every reason in the world to question these vaccines as the drug companies have maxed out the amount they can give to babies and are now looking to the teen market. They are in the business to make money and their budgets reflect that fact.

      According to Science Daily:

      A new study by two York University researchers estimates the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends almost twice as much on promotion as it does on research and development.

      A lead researcher on Gardisil, Diane Harper said of the 2007 Texas rollout, “it is a great public health experiment.” She resigned over it.

      It is very interesting to me to see the interlock, or revolving door between these big pharma companies, and the FDA and CDC. The CDC will tell me something is safe, but how am I to know if they aren’t invested in the product they tell me is safe?

      Beyond, all this, the dollar is losing value, our manufacturing base has been stripped out of our country, regulations written by the Elite are designed to prevent any economic growth, and the police state metastasizes, yet we’re talking about one of the most preventable and treatable cancers because a pharma company was hoping to get a windfall from getting such a large state mandated.

      Controlled conflict anyone? Am I to believe that Rick Perry thought that he just HAD to do something about this one kind of cancer so bad that he had to jump the gun and EO it onto everyone. Meanwhile, Narcs terrorize the southern border. Sure. Whatever. He’s still a liar and everyone knows it.

  • I have to echo what afticker is saying. I honestly believe Rick Perry is receiving a bad rap on the immigration issue. A great number of claims are being made that simply have no basis in fact. The Texas Dream Act is vastly different than the DREAM Act that failed to pass Congress.

    • LD, I assume only that he granted in-state tuition to illegals. Is that correct?

      • The legislation provided in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants, but no special treatment was given. They had to apply for admission into the college or university on their own merits and had to pay for the tuition themselves, unless they were receiving financial aid. It also had strict requirements to make sure these children were working towards citizenship.

        • LD, If they were born here, they don’t need to apply for citizenship. That’s one thing. It’s likely taxpayers both state and federal assisted their parents in some way financially. If fact, most of the students are receiving aid while they attend school.

          If they were not born here, they are illegally in the country. In my opinion, we have to face that reality. They are illegally in the country. It puts the horse before the cart, and it is a very convenient vehicle for garnering votes.

          The seat the illegal alien sits in could be occupied by an out-of-state tuition holder, which will pay thousands more for that seat. In 2009 the 12,000+ illegal alien students cost the state over $60M according to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

          The Students at Texas A&M passed a bill in their Senate requesting the University to disallow the practice, but of course, it is non-binding.

          What happened to the Rule of Law? There has to be another way. I remember when my son was applying to schools. UT was his dream. Had always been his dream. He was 4.0 student from a private school, with honors. He couldn’t get in because of affirmative action, and we were told some of that had to do with illegals. I don’t know the truth of that.

          • Read the bill Maggie. It’s simple. Since the beginning of this bills passage only 11,000 have taken part. It is more for community college rather than universities. Read the Bill.
            More later. Expecting news on Drew.

            • Ticker, we’ll just agree to disagree. I don’t have the read the bill and it doesn’t matter to me how few are taking advantage of it – and the bill does not exclude Universities. They are illegals, and I don’t see my position as being emotional.

              What is emotional is Drew. I really appreciate you keeping me up to date.

              • No it does not exclude universities but in the bill much of the language is directed toward rules concerning community colleges.
                As far as illegal, they could be but then again who really knows. They may have been born in the US taken back to Mexico and them back to the US. What I know is that they have to apply for citizenship which is a step in the right direction. By doing this it insures that those receiving aid for the education be it University or community college, will be productive citizens rather than perpetuating the cycle. It does not give the parent the right to stay in the country. It beats the heck out of just giving carte blanche to illegals with no strings attached. It was passed by a large majority, bipartisan so they evidently saw the same value to the bill as Perry did and as I see as well.
                The other solution, they could have just remained in the US, uneducated, living off the state and voting for Obama or such like him. Given that choice I’d take the education bill.