Rasmussen Poll: Obama 39% Cain 34%

Pitting Barack Obama against Republican Herman Cain, 61% of Republicans, at this early stage, say they would vote for Herman Cain. Here is the key question, asked correctly (I love that about Rasmussen): “Okay, what if the Republicans nominate Herman Cain? If the 2012 Presidential Election were held today would you vote for Republican Herman Cain or Democrat Barack Obama?” The options for the vote were Cain, Obama, Some other candidate and Not sure.” Sixty-one percent said they would vote for Herman Cain, 14% for “Some other candidate,” and 14% for “Not sure.” This was a telephone survey of “likely voters.” Among Republicans only, 18% want the option to vote for someone other than Cain, and 11% are “not sure.”

Barack Obama and Herman Cain

I’m not the best analyst out here, but what this shows me is, more than a year before the 2012 elections, Republicans want a Conservative, and they want ‘not Obama.’

The following is the opinion of “unaffiliated voters.” I’m assuming that means Independents, and they want a Conservative also:

Among unaffiliated voters, 33% prefer Cain, 31% Obama, and 36% aren’t ready to commit to either candidate.

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  • As an Independent I would most certainly vote for Cain for POTUS. Unfortunately the LSM and even the talking heads on FOX are attempting to make this a two man race and totally discounting Cain.
    In 08 Romney was the only candidate that could have defeated Obama, but I don’t think so now.

    Perry could if he will get away from pee fighting with Romney, which is exactly what Romney wants him to do, and put forth a plan like Cain has done. With that he will force Romney to put up or shut up.

    Cain can continue his putting forth common sense and sooner or later Perry and Romney are going to have to put out a plan or go down in defeat.

  • I think that those blacks upset with Obama’s fail in office.. but want to support a fellow black, may switch to Cain if he was the nominated candidate, I believe a lot of those people would switch to Cain, because of his color. Now I know what I am saying might be called borderline racist… It’s not. If anything, those blacks that vote for Obaman, just because he’s of their color, is racism. If you vote for someone because of their color, I think you could call that person racist.
    I love Cain because he brings to the table something Obama doesn’t… Intelligence…and real job experience

  • Oh just in case you’ve forgotten or didn’t see Herman Cain’s speach at CPAC, here it is.. Not a telepromter in sight.. Man oh man.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZDkacOveF0

  • Herman Cain is the most qualified person in the race. God help Obama and the GOP field once Americans learn of this intelligent, patriotic man.

    Imagine how Herman Cain would poll if over 50% of America knew who he was…

    • I think now we are getting to know him better

  • Silverfiddle, They are learning and don’t forget it’s a long time until nomination time. Newt caught on to Cain’s method of doing things and is coming out with his New Contract with America late this week or early next week.
    The rest are too busy in a peeing match with each other to put forth anything that even resembles a common sense plan. Of course that is not so hard to understand since at least 5 of the 8 candidates don’t have any common sense.
    I predict that if Cain continues to put out his message as he did in Fla he will be very hard to beat at nomination time and if nominated will be impossible to beat by Obama.

    • I agree afticker… I’m sick and tired of being forced to vote for the guy who wants to compromise.. I’m for just going for the gold with a real conservative and giving him the house and the senate… we do this or we fade into history dusty shelves of those societies that glowed then whimpered out.. Cain all the way.

  • Demise

    Herman Cain will be Romneys Running Mate.

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