Rap Your Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBT) Video: Rap Your Food Stamps

I had to do a search for EBT and found that an EBT card is what most of us know as food stamps. The Electronic Benefits card (EBT). In the video, an able-bodied young man, in a crisp white Nike T-shirt, a leather jacket and New York Yankees ball cap. Lamenting the fact that he can’t buy weed with his EBT. So disgusting, I don’t have words.


Looking at images of EBT cards across the country, they are often a piece of art. I found them with a picture of the Space Shuttle, the American Flag, a Virginia red Cardinal, a California ocean shoreline, beautiful rock formations in South Dakota, an EBT card for a Farmer’s Market somewhere, an exotic flower for Hawaii, and my state of Oklahoma sports Will Rogers. Surely all that creative endeavor costs something more than just a single, US-wide EBT that looks the same everywhere, and is produced in volume. I have a vision of the government employee somewhere, who came up with the idea, proudly perching at a desk under a plaque for “excellence in the workplace,” signed by Barack Obama

EBT Card Rap (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • EBT’s are issued by each state not by the Federal Government. In fact though the Food Stamp Program is a Federal program, it has always been administered by the States. So a state can put whatever it wants to on the card.

    Saw this video (Only for a minute) and am incensed that what is suppose to be used for those who cannot afford food is being abused by lazy bums who won’t work.

  • complete curmudgeon

    Sorry that you didn’t actually know what an EBT card is. You should get out more.

    As a conservative living in the ‘hood I see the depredations of the welfare state each and everyday.

    We on the right are often accused of living in gate guarded ivory towers. I certainly don’t and so I’m well equipped to argue with liberals about how their programs are destroying our communities.

    I live in a failed rust belt “city” that consists of empty factories, empty stores and empty houses. You should try spending some time in places such as this, honestly.

    We cannot effectively counter the arguments of the liberals without first hand experience with the results of their programs.

    Get hip honey. We need to be more effective in our debates now.