Radical Islamic Winter Can Follow Arab Spring: New More Lethal Weapons in Gaza

Israeli IDF Major General Eyal Eisenberg warns of regional war in the Middle East and weapons of mass destruction perhaps looming. Coining the new term of the season, he predicts a radical Islamic Winter to follow the so-called Arab Spring. He reported newly found “more lethal arms” in the possession of Gaza terror groups, and said Israeli’s are being instructed to “adopt greater precautions.”


“We discovered a new weapon, and as result of this we instructed the public to hide under two roofs, rather than only one,” he said.

No explanation of how one hides under two roofs? Perhaps in a cellar?

In another Ynet News article, Israel believes Palestinians have received weapons from Libya during their six month war, and from the rebels.

Israeli officials have detected an inflow of SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), said one official, describing an overland supply route that opened up between eastern Libya – after it fell to the rebels – and the Gaza Strip via Egypt…

The Soviet-designed SA-7 is a shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missile which Israel said Palestinians had previously smuggled into Gaza. Rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), designed to penetrate armour, are plentiful in the territory.

Another Israeli official said “thousands” of the weapons had reached Gaza in recent months, but did not provide figures on how many had originated in Libya.

No one is claiming Libyan chemical weapons have made their way to Gaza, but the fact remains, no one knows where they are, and it is unlikely the Gaddafi army has them.

Here is the reality Israel lives with in this time of the beautiful Arab Spring from Ynet News :

“Iran has not abandoned its nuclear program. The opposite it true; it continues full steam ahead,” he said. “In Egypt, the army is collapsing under the burden of regular security operations, and this is reflected in the loss of control in the Sinai and the turning of the border with Israel into a terror border, with the possibility that Sinai will fall under the control of an Islamic entity.”

“In Lebanon Hezbollah is growing stronger within government arms, but it has not lost its desire to harm Israel, and the ties with Turkey aren’t at their best,” Major General Eisenberg added.

Considering all the above, remember the odd early August report that Libyan rebels were seeking the support of Israel, to help them shape world opinion in favor of the rebels removing Muammar Gaddafi? They haven’t sent any weapons to Israel. That we know.

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  • If Hamas as WMDs and uses them there will be nothing living in Gaza after the Israelis finish with them. The idea of gassing Jews isn’t new (The Nazis did that.) but will aggravate them to the point where they will see only red.

    This was one reason why Saddam never used Chemical Weapons against Israel during the Gulf War. He knew the US couldn’t stop the Israeli response.

  • When the time is right, Israel will let loose with Holy Hell. Up to now they measure their response. But it’s about over. And don’t forget … they are still God’s people. Very few talk about any more.

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