Project 2996: Robin Kaplan Remembered – AA Flight 11

Robin Kaplan was aboard American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11th, 2001.  The flight departed Boston, heading for Los Angeles. Ms Kaplan was traveling that day to open a new store for T.J. Maxx. The flight was taken over by highjackers about 15 minutes after take-off. The flight was purposefully flown into the World Trade Tower’s North Tower at 8:46 am. Eighty-one passengers and eleven crew members died. This was the second time the North Tower (1993) had been attacked by Islamic terrorists.

Robin Kaplan

Robin was 33 years old, single and had worked for TJX, Westboro, Massachusetts, for eight years as a Senior Store Equipment Specialist. She was born in Brookline, Massachusetts and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts. She graduated Worcester State College (WSU) in 1990. The WSU TJX/Robin Kaplan Scholarship honors her life and memory.

WSU has erected the Robin Kaplan Memorial park on the university grounds. A small tree, ten years later is now a grown beauty. See photos here. Ms. Kaplan will be remembered during various events at the school on September 11th and 12th, 2011.

Robin Kaplan was born on May 15, 1968.

Growing up in Framingham, Mass., Robin was a happy child and loved to learn. She won the admiration of her teachers at Juniper Hills Elementary School, Cameron Middle School, Framingham North High School, and Worcester State University. Excelling in her studies, she applied and was accepted by many prestigious schools; but wanted the small, intimate setting of Worcester State University. She enrolled as a psychology major, lived in Dowden Hall and made many friends.

Robin was an extremely giving person, known as the “peacemaker” among her friends. Before and after she graduated, she worked at jobs that required interaction with people, including a job working with troubled youth, but it wasn’t until she was hired by TJX Companies that she found her niche. TJX is the world’s leading retailer of apparel and home fashions. She was a quick learner and was soon promoted from technical support to senior technical support, and later went to the Implementation Division and was promoted to senior equipment specialist. Her job took her across the country to new clothing stores to make sure that all the equipment was functioning properly before they opened. She was tall, slender and had a quiet manner, but her sweet, persuasive personality always got the job done without ruffling any feathers. Her supervisors admired the unique leadership quality that she had.

To learn more about Robin and The Robin L. Kaplan ’90/TJX Companies Memorial Scholarship click here.

Robin’s longtime friend Andrea Nardini, had known her since 6th grade. Ms. Nardini said she had “tons of phrases,” like “Harmony,” or “Oh my head,” when friends were bickering.

Although by nature a peacemaker, Ms. Kaplan hated to be the center of attention. She did not want to talk about what was going on with her; she wanted to talk about what others were doing. “She made everyone feel welcome,” Ms. Nardini said. Source: New York Times

TJX lost two employees aboard American Airlines Flight 11. Along with Robin, Linda George also perished. The community of Westborough, Massachusetts has planned a remembrance on the Tenth Anniversary, including the viewing of a steel beam from Ground Zero, tree plantings and the placing of a memorial plaque.

Robin was survived by her parents, Francine (Gotz) and Edward Kaplan, and a brother, Mark, all of Framingham, her grandparents, David and Lorraine Kaplan and three nieces. Robin’s mother said her daughter “didn’t put on airs,” “what you saw is what you got.”

To family and friends of Robin Kaplan: if you have memories or photos you would like to add to this remembrance, please find my email under the “Contact” tab under my header, or leave a comment.

Project 2996 is a tribute to the victims of September 11, 2001. There are still victims who do not have tribute pages online. Please visit Project 2996 to find a name and publish a remembrance.

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