Political Football: Obama 0, Republican Slate 7. Politico Blames Rush Limbaugh for Jobs Speech Change

Interesting now that details are coming out about the president’s jobs speech. It’s more obvious than ever that Obama’s handlers need a shot of reality. With all the excitement about the Republican elections and with only debate under our belts, its naive to believe the Republican members of the House and Senate are going to show up to hear The Won give yet another speech, when our candidates are debating at the Reagan Library.

Regardless of what Charles Krauthammer says, Boehner was spot-on when he told the White House, sorry we won’t be there. Obama seems “small” every day, and we don’t need the debate showcasing how ridiculous his speech is when there is plenty we need to know about the candidates. See the Krauthammer video here.

The White House was well aware the president’s speech would conflict with a planned Republican debate sponsored by POLITICO and NBC to be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. The debate would be broadcast live by MSNBC and live-streamed by POLITICO. CNBC and Telemundo will re-air the broadcast.

Yet the White House did not see this as an obstacle. “With all due respect, the POLITICO-MSNBC debate was one that was going on a cable station,” the White House source said. “It was not sacrosanct. We knew they would push it back and then there would be a GOP debate totally trashing the president. So it wasn’t all an upside for us.”

No surprise that the White House out-and-out lied, saying Boehner consented to the Wednesday night time period to listen to yet another speech. Unfortunately Boehner’s office was too politically correct to call them liars and reiterated a previous statement:

No one in the speaker’s office – not the speaker, not any staff – signed off on the date the White House announced today.”

Politico is siding with the White House – Boehner didn’t care, and is blaming Rush Limbaugh. Now the president will stand before the country, teleprompting yet another speech, and give it before the opening of the NFL season and the primetime game between the Packers and the Saints on Thursday. What a hoot. Political football, indeed.

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  • How imature can the POTUS and his gangster buddies get? Whoooooo I’m scared hahahahaha The speech is good timing – we can all get things done before watching the game without Obama to interupt. No plans to watch O’s dumb spendaholic speech, YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As a reaction to this fracas of Boehner versus Obama we have published the only Ad-Notes anywhere that uses as a theme: “John Boehner For President”.

    “The Only Man That Has the Proven Ability to Beat Obama Every Time They Meet:. . . ” with corresponding pictures and notes.

    Boehner has really grown its stature in the Republican Party.