Perry Paul Get Physical: Photo of the Day

During the Reagan Library Debate, a commercial offered the perfect time for Texas Governor Rick Perry to saunter over to Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), whose podium was positioned right next to him, take hold of Paul’s wrist and waggle a finger. Here’s the account of how the two traded accusations, and how it all started:

Rick Perry and Ron Paul

Rick Perry “criticized the Governor of Massachusetts [Mitt Romney] for RomneyCare, but he wrote a really fancy letter supporting HillaryCare,” said Paul.

…Perry said he didn’t know it was going to be “the monstrosity that was known as HillaryCare.”

“Speaking of letters, I was more interested in the one you wrote to Ronald Reagan to say ‘I’m going to quit the Party because of the things you believe in,'” Perry then said to Paul.

Paul said he supported Reagan in 1976, but his supported faded in the 80’s when Reagan “deviated” from “his ideals and spent too much money.”

Later in the debate, Paul was asked about a letter his campaign wrote that accused Perry of at least 5 sins against conservatism.

Paul zeroed in on the accusation that Perry tried to forcibly vaccinate 12-year-old girls against HPV by executive order.

Perry, in his defense, said there was an opt-out in the order.

Read all the details here, which may or maynot be true. UPDATE: I think I should point out that we don’t know how the source linked for this story, got their information. It’s so perfect, perhaps it’s satire, and it’s likely no one could hear the exact exchange.

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